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Every single aspect of life has an extra layer of technology, from paying for a dough twist for breakfast with the WeChat app to passing through facial recognition doors to get back into a university dorm

On my first ever Spring Festival a few years ago, we combined the baijiu and the fireworks to great effect by getting very drunk and going out into the street to blow things up

Moderation has never been my strong suit, so to avoid the slippery slope from one to six drinks, I’ve allowed my social life to wither and when I do go out I stick to abstinence

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Pulling a cart loaded with bricks? Put on your blazer. Running with buckets of concrete? Only with a jacket. Repairing a broken down bus on the side of the road? Make sure you’re wearing a collar

Our act includes getting people to do traditional American barn dancing with us. To my suprise, people gamely navigated the narrow rice paddies and tethered bovines to join in

Things are going uncharacteristically well in comparison to the rest of the trip, until around twelve hundred hours, when our plan unfurls itself like a runaway toilet roll