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I went in with some trepidation, to find my bathroom had been removed, the kitchen units pulled away from the walls and piles of rubble in and among my possessions. My toilet was in the middle of the living room.

Some of them are clearly vandalized. You’ll see several together looking violated with their inner tubes pulled out and trailing on the ground, but many others have simply broken with use due to their cheap components.

As Beijing closes down its central venues, cosmopolitan Shanghai's nightlife scene is taking a leap into the future

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As soon as the rain comes down, the umbrella salesmen come out, scurrying from archway to archway to offer reasonable protection at unreasonable prices

A Brit in China realizes he actually gets a small thrill out of a visit to a bank there, but maybe for the wrong reasons

A ten-day meditation is a make or break way to find some inner peace – and back spasms