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Once assaulted and discriminated against for his unique cross-gender performances, Li Yugang has won acclaim at home and abroad for bringing new life to an ancient performance tradition

One of China’s most prominent architects, Beijing-born Ma Yansong talks about the ‘shan-shui city,’ his design philosophy that blends urban construction and environment to bring people closer to nature – and each other

Pang Mingtao, whose quirky song “My Skateboard Shoes” shot him to internet stardom in 2014, was recently admitted to a psychiatric hospital in a dramatic rise and fall from fame that intertwines online bullying, Michael Jackson and an obsession with shaking his rural origins

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Leading citizen consumer rights advocate Wang Hai says fakes and fraud are as rampant in China as they were 20 years ago, and he has taken the fight online

Senior legal scholar argues that keeping power within a cage of regulations is crucial to strengthen regulatory systems and forestall graft

Paralyzed amateur sleuth Zhang Dayong launched China’s sole private database for unidentified corpses, despite a lack of official support