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Pianist Yin Chengzong reflects on how The Yellow River Piano Concerto has provided the backdrop to his life and to China’s landmark events for half a century

Feng Jicai’s novels, inextricably linked with Tianjin, mix traditions with modern disruptions, setting up cultural clashes. In real life, he has become a defender of antiquities and intangible heritage

Chinese patients have waited too long for access to life-saving new therapies. Recent measures to reduce import barriers are helpful, but long-term problems, particularly workforce shortages, have no quick fix

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Despite losing his lower limbs to frostbite on his first attempt at summiting the world’s highest mountain, 69-year-old double amputee Xia Boyu has finally achieved his dream in the face of frostbite, avalanches, earthquakes and bureaucracy

Dubbed ‘The Rose of Chinese Science,’ Meemann Chang, one of China’s leading paleontologists, tells NewsChina about her life, career and undying love for fish fossils

For people with autism, life in China can be tough. Artistic charities like the World of Art Brut Culture, based in Shanghai, offer new ways for them to express themselves – and improve their verbal and social skills in the process