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With its free-to-enter policy, an up and coming tourist spot in Southeast China is attracting visitors seeking out local delicacies, a bit of romance and lots of entertainment

Anyone familiar with Che Jianxin knows he is a keen learner. The founder of Red Star Macalline, a leading Chinese furniture distributor, is keen to learn everything, whether it’s professional know-how, an academic theory or a business strategy.

Even in the depths of winter, when chilly winds are raging across northern China, the island of Hainan, the country’s southernmost province, is sunny and balmy.

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Recently, Zhejiang Song & Dance Theater Chorus returned from the Kalamata International Choir Competition and Festival 2015 with two silver medals, only one place behind the overall national winners. By performing on an international stage, the Zhejiang Song & Dance Theater Chorus made friends through song, exhibited national pride and showcased the musical talent to be found in Zhejiang Province.