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Even though the golden era of Chinese rock music has long since passed, Cui Jian, the country’s most influential rock musician, has never abandoned the banner of rock ’n’ roll, which once played a key role in inspiring Chinese youth to embrace the world

Dubbed the ‘Eastern Swan,’ Sisi Qiu, a noted ballerina, art producer and choreographer, shares her passion for pushing the boundaries of art and exploring the language of dance

In his latest movie, leading filmmaker Feng Xiaogang makes a daring artistic choice that risks alienating investors and moviegoers alike because, in his words, he ‘doesn’t want to have any regrets’

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Young filmmaker Bi Gan tells how his family and hometown inspired his award-winning first feature

Liu Liu has built her career as one of China’s most popular novelists and TV writers through her skill as a shrewd social critic with a feminist bent

Joseph Graves, an American director, actor and writer, has spent nearly 15 years in China – a country where theater education is almost nonexistent – introducing Chinese youngsters to the rewards and challenges of performance art