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The memoirs of a 100-year-old woman reflects the vicissitudes of love, loss and family through rarely seen portraits during China’s upheaval and transformation

As the country begins to ease lockdown measures and allows movie theaters in some parts to reopen, the industry is working out how to get business back to normal

Over his 40-year career, coal miner-turned-author Liu Qingbang has won acclaim for short stories and novellas that dig deep into the suffering of China’s miners and the frustrations of its rural people

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Zhang Gasong, a folk musician from Northwest China’s Gansu Province, has released a collection of songs about life under the Covid-19 quarantine. When not stuck at home, the singer-songwriter travels his native land to record and preserve its rich folk tunes before they vanish with time

The Chinese Doctor, a nine-episode documentary that dissects the country’s increasingly volatile doctor-patient relationships, strikes a chord with audiences during the Covid-19 outbreak

Starting as a fan project, animated web series My Three Body has garnered acclaim and fame for its faithful adaptation of author Liu Cixin’s award-winning sci-fi trilogy