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Trailblazing female archaeologist Zheng Zhenxiang (1929-2024) pioneered research into China’s Bronze Age civilizations, with her seminal discovery of the tomb of the first Chinese female general inspiring generations of archaeologists

China’s intrepid archaeologists are excited about remarkable underwater discoveries from deep-sea shipwrecks that could overturn previous theories of trade along the Maritime Silk Road

Sora, OpenAI’s new text-to-video generator, has set the scene for change in the film industry. NewsChina explores how Chinese filmmakers are adapting to harness its creative power and remain in the picture

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Livestreaming platforms breathe new life into traditional Chinese operas by helping it reach more viewers, but for performers, it does not always mean success

A best-selling author in the UK and US, Chiang Yee remains virtually unknown in his native China. But a new book seeks to position the artist and scholar to take his rightful place as one of modern China’s earliest ‘East meets West’ cultural ambassadors

While comedy drama YOLO set box office records with its inspiring story of one woman’s transformative journey of self-discovery through boxing, the dramatic weight loss of actor-director Jia Ling for the role has stirred heavy-hitting discussions over female beauty standards