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The most ambitious and expensive Chinese film project to date, epic fantasy Fengshen trilogy, dubbed China’s ‘Lord of the Rings,’ updates an ancient saga with contemporary values while re-engineering domestic film production to achieve it

The highest-rated Chinese TV show in the last five years, suspense drama The Long Season strikes a provocative balance between realism and aesthetic through its portrayals of ordinary people struggling through tremendous social change

While casting agencies are playing a larger role than ever in the success of Chinese shows and films, old habits die hard in the realm of sex, bribes and videotape

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In his latest novel, Ye Zhaoyan depicts the historic changes of early modern China through the lives of the ordinary people of his hometown, Nanjing

Ongoing excavations of the once-lost Zhouqiao Bridge reveal the former opulence of the Northern Song Dynasty capital – and the mysteries it still holds

The collapse of the ancient Wan’an Bridge in a fire has caused an irrevocable loss to China’s age-old craft of bridge construction as some ask if it is worth rebuilding