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Following up last year’s animated hit Nezha, the long-awaited 3D-animated Legend of Deification retells a mythological story - with keen historical accuracy

Aided by the success of online variety shows, stand-up comedy is resonating in China particularly among younger urban audiences as a free form of self-expression

Diverse in interests, distinct in style and talented in storytelling, a new generation of genre filmmakers has shifted the landscape of Chinese cinema

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A descendant of Chinese mainland immigrants to Taiwan, writer Luo Yijun talks with NewsChina about how disease, alienation and cultural identity influence his writing, as well as the predicament of literature in the age of the internet

Historic war epic The Eight Hundred is China’s first blockbuster of the year since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. And like the soldiers depicted in the story, the movie had another mission - to revive the country’s film industry

Beautifully shot and narrated, A First Farewell is a rare Uygur-language film with a cast of amateur actors that tells a heartwarming coming-of-age story set in Xinjiang’s desert