Old Version

In her latest exhibition, veteran photographer Gao Yuan captures the blood, sweat and tears of China’s rock scene in the 1990s through intimate portraits of the people who built it

Derek Tsang’s coming-of-age drama Better Days tackles hard-hitting issues troubling China’s education system – particularly school bullying – and their effect on today’s youth

Through his nostalgia-heavy rhymes, rapper Dong Baoshi (aka Gem) evokes a longing for Northeast China’s rust belt in the 1990s that has stoked the memories of millions

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A new documentary on China’s education system reveals not only where the problems lie, but also why it is difficult to address them

Ten years in the making, author Li Er’s Maodun Prize-winning Brother Yingwu explores the lives of intellectuals in a changing China and life-changing events of his own

A China-US archaeology exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the little-known and mysterious Tibetan kingdom of Tubo