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The Chinese Doctor, a nine-episode documentary that dissects the country’s increasingly volatile doctor-patient relationships, strikes a chord with audiences during the Covid-19 outbreak

Starting as a fan project, animated web series My Three Body has garnered acclaim and fame for its faithful adaptation of author Liu Cixin’s award-winning sci-fi trilogy

Pop megastar Li Yuchun talks with NewsChina about the changing landscape of China’s entertainment industry and fan economy, as well as her struggle to overcome years of labeling by critics and her ceaseless pursuit of self-expression

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Li Ziqi, one of China’s most successful vloggers, weaves a bucolic, fairy-tale version of rural life that offers an escape for stressed-out city dwellers. In this rare interview with NewsChina, Li addresses the criticism and controversy over a success that has grown from her countryside videos into a multimillion-yuan company

Peng Jiaxin, the CEO of China’s largest music service provider Tencent Music Entertainment Group, talks with NewsChina about the Chinese music industry’s bumpy beginnings and decades-long battle for paid listeners

As part of his new ambitious project, director turned producer Ning Hao aims to train promising filmmakers to better meet the growing market demands of the Chinese mainland