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In his latest essay collection Hometown, non-fiction writer, literary critic and editor Lin Xianzhi examines the decline of rural China through the fates of people in a small southern village

In the era of social media and short videos, a new generation of comedians from northeastern China are taking center stage

Alice Longyu Gao, a New York-based DJ, songwriter, fashionista and artist, talks with NewsChina about her struggles at a military-like prep school, her creative adventures in the US and the freedom of self-expression

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Using screens and monitors as its primary storytelling tools, suspense web series Cloud Prison - China’s first “screencast drama” - taps into fears of how our personal information is exposed to the darkness that lurks online

Even through times of persecution, 99-year-old award-winning translator Xu Yuanchong devoted his life to literary translation, bridging cultures and ideas in a changing China

Following up last year’s animated hit Nezha, the long-awaited 3D-animated Legend of Deification retells a mythological story - with keen historical accuracy