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Ten years in the making, author Li Er’s Maodun Prize-winning Brother Yingwu explores the lives of intellectuals in a changing China and life-changing events of his own

A China-US archaeology exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the little-known and mysterious Tibetan kingdom of Tubo

Nezha, China’s most successful home-grown animated feature of all time, has fueled expectations for the rise of the domestic animation industry

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In his latest novel In the Cloud, award-winning ethnic Tibetan writer Alai breaks his decade-long silence on his experience with death during the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. In an interview with NewsChina, Alai discusses past trauma, his literary transformations and social challenges to come

A documentary about folk rock musician Su Yang and four other artists from Northwest China explores the ancient music traditions of the Yellow River Basin

Popular spy novelist Mai Jia departs from the genre in his latest novel Life Is Like An Ocean, embarking on a voyage to reconcile with his past