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Zhang Li, considered China’s greatest historical drama director, faces a dilemma as he attempts to balance the weight of history with fantasy in his latest drama, Martial Universe

Master writer-director Jia Zhangke tells NewsChina about his latest gangster film, Ash Is Purest White, a decades-spanning story exploring the social and ideological changes overseen from the twists of fate of an outlaw couple

Critics say it’s the first Chinese documentary feature to center on an ‘ordinary’ person. Mr. Big is about a man’s journey to Tibet and his philosophy towards life

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While other food documentaries might take a more holistic approach, The Story of Chuan’r focuses on skewered, roast morsels, telling the story of China’s most popular street food in a down-to-earth style

A black comedy about unlicensed pharmaceutical drug smuggling has topped China’s summer box office, sparking debate over the price of medication

The prolific, prize-winning contemporary writer Chi Zijian tells NewsChina about her new work, her literary odyssey and her deep and unique connection with nature in China’s northeast