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Directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, acclaimed TV show Blossoms Shanghai portrays Gatsby-esque vignettes from the 90s that have stirred a nationwide nostalgia for China’s economic heyday

Ever since their first reality show appearance, a folk band of farmers has captivated Chinese audiences with their poignant portrayal of country life and profound reflections on social realities

Modern China’s first female architect Lin Huiyin will receive a posthumous degree from the University of Pennsylvania in recognition of her contributions to architectural protection at home and abroad

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Renowned as a pioneer of sexology, Pan Suiming talks with NewsChina about his extensive academic career, his research on China’s underground sex industry and the evolving attitudes toward sexuality

Chinese archaeologists, along with their Central Asian counterparts, are exploring the Silk Road to unlock some of the greatest mysteries of ancient migrations and kingdoms

The Pu’er tea forests of Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan Province are the latest UNESCO heritage site in China. Local people are excited, but also anxious whether the new designation will disrupt the unchanged life they have lived for a millennium