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China’s first domestic blockbuster co-produced with Hollywood triggered controversies both in the Us and at home

For prize-winning novelist and screenwriter, Liu Zhenyun, writing is a means to find a person to talk with and to give a voice to people who want to talk

Zhang Bing expected he’d spend his life as a mid-level official, but his tales of government work made him a best-selling author

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A sexually explicit classic novel, and the story of its long path towards possible publication, reveals the shifting attitudes toward taboo subjects

Even though the golden era of Chinese rock music has long since passed, Cui Jian, the country’s most influential rock musician, has never abandoned the banner of rock ’n’ roll, which once played a key role in inspiring Chinese youth to embrace the world

Dubbed the ‘Eastern Swan,’ Sisi Qiu, a noted ballerina, art producer and choreographer, shares her passion for pushing the boundaries of art and exploring the language of dance