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Hit domestic crime series have raised China’s web dramas to a new level

Treasure the Treasures, a play written and performed by staff at the Palace Museum, tells the tale of the 15-year odyssey of the imperial treasures after they were whisked out of Beijing to avoid being seized by Japanese invaders

By introducing a new Chinese action hero to the big screen, the patriotic blockbuster Wolf Warrior 2 – the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time – delivers a message of China’s growing national confidence

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After achieving national prominence in 2015, poet Yu Xiuhua, a rural woman with cerebral palsy who has been controversially dubbed ‘China’s Emily Dickinson,’ has started a battle to take back control over her own life

Dahufa, the first Chinese film to give itself a PG-13 classification, launches a revolution in creative Chinese cinema with its confronting violence and stirring themes

Eddie Peng Yu-yen, one of the most sought-after Asian male leads of his generation, talks with NewsChina about his philosophy of acting