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Beautifully shot and narrated, A First Farewell is a rare Uygur-language film with a cast of amateur actors that tells a heartwarming coming-of-age story set in Xinjiang’s desert

Bestselling suspense writer Chen Xu talks with NewsChina about the latest TV adaptation of his novel The Bad Kids, childhood scars as a source of creation, and his mathematical approach to storytelling

In her latest film Spring Tide, Yang Lina explores the minefield of mother-daughter relationships and the impact of family on individuality. She is one of a growing number of Chinese women filmmakers gaining prominence for expressing feminist voices and perspectives

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The memoirs of a 100-year-old woman reflects the vicissitudes of love, loss and family through rarely seen portraits during China’s upheaval and transformation

As the country begins to ease lockdown measures and allows movie theaters in some parts to reopen, the industry is working out how to get business back to normal

Over his 40-year career, coal miner-turned-author Liu Qingbang has won acclaim for short stories and novellas that dig deep into the suffering of China’s miners and the frustrations of its rural people