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A documentary filmed in the delivery room gives an insight into four families going through difficult births, and through them, into the country as a whole

Shao Yanxiang, an 83-year-old poet and essayist, reflects on how he turned from a loyal communist Party follower to being deemed a ‘rightist’ by the Party in the 1950s, and uses his own experience as testimony on this miserable phase of Chinese history

China’s first domestic blockbuster co-produced with Hollywood triggered controversies both in the Us and at home

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For prize-winning novelist and screenwriter, Liu Zhenyun, writing is a means to find a person to talk with and to give a voice to people who want to talk

Zhang Bing expected he’d spend his life as a mid-level official, but his tales of government work made him a best-selling author

A sexually explicit classic novel, and the story of its long path towards possible publication, reveals the shifting attitudes toward taboo subjects