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The collapse of the ancient Wan’an Bridge in a fire has caused an irrevocable loss to China’s age-old craft of bridge construction as some ask if it is worth rebuilding

Historian Wang Di, who for decades has researched the traditional teahouses of Chengdu, talks with NewsChina about the changes in teahouse culture over time, their role as an important public sphere in China, and how the slower-paced Chengdu lifestyle offers an escape from the rat race

One of China’s most renowned contemporary artists, Luo Zhongli challenged the political appropriation of art during the Cultural Revolution with a return to realism

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Surprise hit indie film Return to Dust tells the moving love story between two village outcasts that is winning acclaim for its realistic portrayals of marginalized people in rural China

Touted by its producers as feminist TV, hit costume drama A Dream of Splendor stirs controversy not only over misappropriation but also a mixed message that provides revealing insight into prevalent attitudes toward women

Despite its thousands of significant cultural and historic sites, China’s persistent shortage of archaeologists and other professionals continues to threaten preservation efforts