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Water-abundant Sichuan Province is seeing persistent drought in the south, with authorities rushing to complete new diversion projects. Some experts warn it might not be enough to support the region’s fast economic development

Fans of giant pandas are an influential online force that has helped raise public awareness for the species. But their obsessive attention is showing its claws

The once lucrative business of tiger breeding has dwindled due to increased animal protection regulations, leaving owners out of pocket and tigers in a precarious position

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The high number of sandstorms in northern China has led to renewed calls for international efforts to mitigate them at source, and a new multi-pronged approach on solutions for the most affected areas

After intensive conservation efforts, China’s native leopard is slowly regaining ground, but lack of animal corridors across its extensive but fragmented habitat continues to pose a major threat

Compassionate release of animals has become big business that threatens ecosystems. NewsChina talks with religious believers and conservationists to learn about the traditional ritual and its modern threats to biodiversity