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Kids love to play, but the Chinese smartphone game Arena of Valor has got so many children addicted that it has become a national concern

While many blame online games for getting children addicted, some experts and industry insiders are calling for calm until the root cause behind the addiction is found

Babies and toddlers in China’s poor rural areas are badly in need of early intervention programs. But can such schemes deliver on the national level?

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Early nutrition and education is critical for rural kids, and the government needs to step up

A video of an MMA fighter demolishing a self-proclaimed tai chi master in 10 seconds flat has reignited the debate over whether Chinese traditional martial arts are of any use in real combat, what really goes on in the mysterious community and why the winner so suddenly fell from grace.

Repeatedly challenged, China’s millennia-old fighting arts are groping their way into the modern era, with sights set on acceptance into the Olympics