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Well-intentioned efforts to conserve pristine forests and eradicate poverty have had a huge impact on the lives of the Dulong people of southwestern China

In Naren, a village hidden in virgin forests in northwestern Yunnan, locals try to maintain their connection with the environment despite encroachment from the outside world

Guo Jing, a Yunnan Province-based researcher, talks with NewsChina about the importance of biocultural diversity preservation and his expectations for the upcoming UN Biodiversity Conference in China

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It's a game of cops and grave robbers as law enforcement struggles to break the chain of looting, trafficking and selling antiquities that is trampling on cultural preservation efforts

Combating the recent surge in tomb robbery and cultural relics trafficking is going to require more trained professionals and revisions to existing law, experts say

Over the last decade, China's poverty allevation efforts have transformed the lives of hundreds of millions. NewsChina looks into its successes and the challenges that lie ahead