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Shanghai residents are the first to tackle China’s mountains of household waste. Will it be the start of a recycling movement, or another wasted effort?

NewsChina delves into the nation’s garbage pile and asks if the renewed efforts to mobilize an entire city’s population will help citizens clean up their act

Despite two decades of efforts, most urban and rural recycling projects have failed. Now some community-led attempts to clean up their environment are proving successful. Can they be rolled out on a wider scale?

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Debates between TV hosts from the US and China went viral in China, prompting soul searching over the source of the mistrust between the two countries

Despite narrowing attitudes toward China among the American public and political elite, opening more widely to the world, including the US, would not only benefit China’s rise, but also help improve perceptions abroad

The second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation saw politicians and business leaders from around the world gather in Beijing to chart out the next stage of the global infrastructure partnership