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Compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic and global uncertainties, the number of China’s college graduates has reached a record high, posing severe challenges to an already strained job market

With the gig economy boom reflecting shifts in China’s economy, NewsChina investigates the growing power that platforms wield over workers, reforms underway and the market forces at play

As apps Douyin and Kwai change how songs reach audiences and shape pop tastes, swathes of China’s music industry are cranking out catchy tracks fit for short video – at the cost of artistic integrity

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Once the gatekeepers and tastemakers of Chinese pop, record companies must redefine their roles for the short-video age

Common and respective strategic interests brought the former US President Nixon to Beijing 50 years ago. Now the two countries see their relations stand at another crucial point

Chinese expert Zhang Baijia talks about how former US President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China can provide insight for current leaders in both countries