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Once a fringe subculture, shipping – where fans obsess online over imaginary romances between two fictional characters or real-life celebrities – has gone mainstream as an unstoppable pop cultural and commercial force

Unlike youth subcultures in the West that celebrate individualism and subversion of the establishment, youth subcultures in contemporary China are drawn to ideas of collectivism and traditional culture

Hospitals and doctors are promoting weight-loss surgery for cosmetic reasons, leading to fears the operation is not targeting those who need it most

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Patients undergoing bariatric surgery for cosmetic reasons are discovering that post-operative complications can be physical and mental, and adjusting is much harder than they are led to believe

The ongoing excavation of new findings in Sanxingdui Ruins may contribute to the study of the origins of Chinese civilization

Today’s archaeologists are building on previous excavations to unveil more mysteries of the Sanxingdui Ruins