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The catastrophic rainstorm that killed 302 people in Zhengzhou exposed the city’s poor emergency response plans and flawed chain of command

China has made ambitious goals to cut its carbon emissions. But given its heavy investment in coal power, which fuels the country’s economic growth, a path to carbon neutrality or even carbon peaking has yet to emerge

Senior climate change official Li Gao talks about the progress China has made toward the goals of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality

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Reaching China’s carbon emissions target before 2030 means a painful adjustment period lies ahead for its coal-rich provinces

Once a fringe subculture, shipping – where fans obsess online over imaginary romances between two fictional characters or real-life celebrities – has gone mainstream as an unstoppable pop cultural and commercial force

Unlike youth subcultures in the West that celebrate individualism and subversion of the establishment, youth subcultures in contemporary China are drawn to ideas of collectivism and traditional culture