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As representatives gathered for China’s annual Chinese People’s Political Constultative Conference and the National People’s Congress, dubbed the ‘Two Sessions,’ analysts looked for signs of the country’s future direction amid difficult economic times and a tumultuous international environment.

Facing uncertainties both at home and abroad, “prudence” has become a key term at this year’s National People’s Congress

China has set a goal of about 6.5 percent economic growth in 2017, with hopes of an even better performance. The Chinese people’s appetite for food, wealth and consumption matters both for the short and the long-term ambitions of the country

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A massive underground surrogacy market has been created by a growing fear of infertility

Clarification and a national law is needed more than ever for couples and a country in need of babies

The Chinese economy has kept up one of the world’s strongest rates of growth for decades, but the tumultuous events of 2016 and the underlying threats of builtup debt and a skewed growth pattern could knock it off course. What does the new year hold? Will China continue to be a roaring dragon, or a sluggish panda? China’s robust growth and moderate inflation in 2016 look good on paper, but there are alarming factors behind the scenes