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As China’s graduates compete for jobs in a shrinking market, governments and schools are helping employers take on new hires

With new college grads struggling to find jobs amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has introduced a policy package designed to stave off an unemployment surge. But will it work?

As Wuhan recovers from the effects of the coronavirus, the city is eager to persuade college graduates to stay. But finding a suitable job is harder than ever, despite government efforts to shore up businesses

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For the first time in decades, China has abandoned its GDP growth target for 2020 to focus on stabilizing the economy and safeguarding jobs amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Helping market entities should be the top priority in keeping the fundamentals of the economy, and assistance should be precisely targeted with big data to ensure efficiency

Despite its competitiveness in manufacturing, China still needs to bolster international cooperation and improve its business environment to make its supply chains more resilient