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Increasing imports is expected to become a new long-term driver of China’s growth

Thousands of private small- and medium-sized enterprises are looking to break into China’s import market. But are Chinese consumers convinced by their products?

In underground plastic surgery clinics nationwide, China’s internet celebrity hopefuls are gambling everything – going under the knife in search of a face that will make them blend in, rather than stand out.

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With China’s internet celebrity economy burgeoning, more women are undergoing cosmetic procedures to achieve an appearance they hope will yield considerable profits

Soaring demand for prettier faces has created a large underground market for cosmetic surgery – what’s known in China as medical cosmetology. But many of the ‘surgeons’ have no professional qualifications, and leave customers mutilated and scarred

North Korea has signalled it no longer wants to go it alone, but as international sanctions continue, its shift to a growth-led economic model may founder