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Chinese tourists are developing more sophisticated tastes, and destinations are having to up their game to provide both familiar comforts and niche experiences

Chinese tourists are reshaping the global tourism industry and impacting the world economy, not only with their money, but also with their habits - and tour operators are responding

Since late 2017, “high-quality growth” has been the major theme of the most important events on China’s political calendar, including the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in mid-October 2017, the Central Economic Work Conference held in December 2017, and the annual legislative meetings of the National People’s Congress and National People’s Political Consultative Conference, known collectively as the two sessions and held in March.

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China’s annual two sessions reaffirmed the central leadership’s vision for a new high-quality path for the country’s economy, but change at the local level may face entrenched attitudes

As China attempts to usher in ‘high-quality growth,’ Zhejiang Province is piloting an industry evaluation system to push its economy toward steadier and sustainable development

As China enters its high-quality growth phase, the institutional environment will play an increasingly crucial role