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Months after their return home, many Covid-19 patients are still fighting to heal and get back to normal. But because of premature hospital discharges and lasting lung and kidney damage, for some the fight will be even harder

As more Covid-19 patients are recovering and the disease is gradually being brought under control, society is just beginning to deal with the psychological trauma of the past months

In the post-epidemic period, Wuhan is being encouraged to switch its focus to emerging and high-tech industries to bolster its economy and improve livelihoods, amid warnings of unemployment and bankruptcies

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In the post-pandemic world, globalization may regress to pre-1980s levels, a time when countries emphasized the importance of national security and economic sovereignty, says a leading expert

There is dire need for coherent governance and global cooperation in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic

If not addressed soon, the inadequate disease control systems in developing countries are likely to cause spikes in coronavirus cases that might impact the globe, experts say