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In the past 70 years, China has made a successful transition from a planned to a market economy led by a series of reforms, behind which are the pains, joys and fates of ordinary Chinese

Once labeled a capitalist decadence, kissing was banned from Chinese cinema for three decades. But as on-screen kisses sparked controversy, they also started the conversations that are continuing to influence attitudes toward love, sex and relationships

China rebuilt its legal system following the destructive Cultural Revolution. Those efforts continue today in the push for ‘socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics’ that emphasizes equality and human rights

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China’s foreign policy had a tremendous impact on its tastes for imported film, which in turn shaped people’s attitudes toward international relations

Legions of migrant workers have provided a cheap workforce for China’s rapid urbanization and industrialization after the rural-urban mobility ban was lifted decades ago. The welfare of migrant workers, however, has yet to improve

The increased demand for mineral resources that is driving commercial mining in the world’s ocean floors continues to strain global negotiations on exploration and exploitation of seabed resources. NewsChina investigates