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Low-pricing strategies ushered China’s latest livestreaming e-commerce boom. But behind the hyped data is a bleak truth - the industry is mired in homogenous competition driven by unsustainable price wars that are shaking consumers’ faith in brands

The city of Linyi has become a center of the livestreaming sales sector, providing facilities and services to cuts costs and boost sales. As businesses eye the Linyi model, no one is sure whether its success can be replicated

For decades, efforts to unify China’s language helped facilitate rapid economic and social changes. Now enthusiasts are working to preserve its vibrant regional dialects before they fall silent

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TV anchor works to record and rescue the fading dialects of China to rekindle young people’s enthusiasm for their local inheritance

Linguist Liu Danqing says that protecting any dialect means protecting a perspective and a way of looking at problems, perceiving and experiencing the world

As China’s graduates compete for jobs in a shrinking market, governments and schools are helping employers take on new hires