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A trip off the beaten track in Xizang Autonomous Region will reward with stunning sights and isolated monasteries in the Tibetan grasslands and mountains

The striking red soil, soaring cliffs and plunging waterfalls are the main attractions of Chishui, but its connections to the founding of modern Chinese history provide a deeper backdrop

Visiting Zhujiajiao ancient water town, reachable by metro, provides a perfect place to get a taste for Qing-era history, as well as temples, museums and the post office

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The ancient statues of southwestern China are an authentic reminder of the pinnacle of Buddhist rock carving

The area around Guizhou’s Congjiang boasts Miao and Dong villages and rice terraces where charming traditional architecture is the backdrop for some unique customs

The southern Henan city of Nanyang is shaking off its industrial past with festivals, green space and a huge collection of dinosaur eggs