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Get spaced out on a visit to Ulanhada Volcano Geopark, where you can admire the alchemy and brimstone in an as yet undeveloped tourist hotspot

A visit to Kaiping, in the Pearl River Delta, reveals a melding of East and West as hundreds of flamboyant fortified towers dot the rice fields in a unique architectural fusion

Take the waters as you relax in one of China’s hot spring resorts, whether in the center of a busy city or in a natural geothermal landscape

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A voyage along the Yangtze offers much more than the fabled Three Gorges, with a packed itinerary of sights to experience, both on shore and off

The bustling capital of Shandong contains surprising pockets of tranquillity, with parks, gardens and stunning Buddha caves

Kick off a visit to this southern Chinese city by paying homage to iconic martial artists and historic temples, before eating your fill in a UNESCO-listed center of gastronomy