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While a winter visit to the capital of Inner Mongolia requires a strong constitution, there are plenty of ways to warm up

Although a thoroughly modern city, its location at the gateway to Tibet and the Silk Road means Xining is still a melting pot of cultures

Hosts of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing and Zhangjiakou are developing their ski scenes. Is a trip to one of the new resorts a downhill glide or an uphill struggle?

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Visit the small town of Xiahe, famed for its Tibetan monastery while you can – it may be remote, but soon the train is arriving, and things will never be the same

The enclave of Macao is known for its flashy casinos and its mix of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Will China’s new mega-bridge change the territory?

Gateway to the Himalayas, Lijiang is an ancient city full of culture from the local ethnic communities, as well as a perfect jumping-off point for hiking in the upper reaches of the mighty Yangtze River