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The scenery and sites around the Silk Road city of Zhangye do not disappoint, although for a more peaceful visit, head for some of the lesser-known attractions

An easy ride from downtown Beijing, the mountains and rivers in the northern counties of the capital make for a breath of fresh air with a side of homestay hospitality

While a winter visit to the capital of Inner Mongolia requires a strong constitution, there are plenty of ways to warm up

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Although a thoroughly modern city, its location at the gateway to Tibet and the Silk Road means Xining is still a melting pot of cultures

Hosts of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing and Zhangjiakou are developing their ski scenes. Is a trip to one of the new resorts a downhill glide or an uphill struggle?

Visit the small town of Xiahe, famed for its Tibetan monastery while you can – it may be remote, but soon the train is arriving, and things will never be the same