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A murder committed by a 13-year-old boy has rekindled debate over the minimum age of criminal responsibility in China

China’s ruling party highlighted the “institutional advantages” of its political system in its recent fourth plenum, pledging to promote the modernization of its governance system which will not be influenced by Western-style leadership

China’s State Council published a white paper titled China and the World in the New Era on September 27, emphasising that China’s development is not a threat or challenge, rather an opportunity for the world. 

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An expansion of adult guardianships is enabling the elderly, spouses and LGBT couples in China to better protect their rights and interests. However, loopholes leave these groups vulnerable to legal risks

Recent mass protests and violence in Hong Kong have negatively impacted its tourism, retail and transportation industries, local officials have warned. How can the economy be revived?

As protesters increasingly appeal to the US for support, it becomes clearer their claim that Beijing is undermining their freedoms has no merit