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The 20thNational Congress of the CPC inaugurated a new leadership under Xi Jinping and maps out the blueprint for China to achieve the ambitious goals of “national rejuvenation” through “modernization with Chinese characteristics.”

China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center published its first report on the US’s attack on Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) on September 5, confirming that the Office of Tailored Access Operation (TAO) under the US National Security Agency (NSA) has constantly attacked the NPU’s key network equipment and stolen technical data related to network management and maintenance.

Budget-busting vanity projects in counties have been used by officials to profit and raise their profile, but now wasteful functionaries are being targeted

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A new regulation seeks to further restrict the business activities of senior officials’ relatives – and experts are already pointing out loopholes

As mass Covid testing becomes China’s new normal, ensuring accuracy and fighting fraud in a booming industry are among the many challenges ahead

Former Hong Kong police officer Lee Ka Chiu John was elected as Hong Kong’s sixth Chief Executive on May 8.