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China’s military was once respected, but is now finding it harder and harder to recruit the men and women it needs. Can reforms help its transformation into a modern military?

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has sent 18 inspection teams, led by the Ministry’s top officials and staffed by a mix of its own personnel and staff from local governments, to inspect air quality on the spot in Beijing, Tianjin and 16 other northern cities plagued by smog.

China plans a leaner, more professional cast of officers for a smaller, smarter army

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Tensions across the Taiwan strait remain high as Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen makes Us stopovers on her trip to Central America following just one month after her controversial phone call with President-elect Donald Trump

China plans to establish a single over-arching branch of government to investigate and curb corruption at all levels

At the end of October, some 370 senior cadres of China’s Communist Party, including members of the Party’s present Central Committee, gathered in Beijing’s Jingxi Hotel to attend one of China’s most important political events of 2016: the Sixth Plenum of the 18th Central Committee.