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The latest data from China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MoHRSS) shows that China has distributed 42.3 billion yuan (US$6.2b) in employment stabilization allowances to some 3.2 million enterprises, covering over 85 million people.

As State-owned enterprises won praise for their quick switch to mask production and mobilized support during the coronavirus pandemic, private sectors now fear a possible retrogression in SOE reforms - leaving them even less room to compete

Health code apps developed for Covid-19 prevention and control are likely to be here to stay, although there is little integration of the patchwork of apps

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China’s new ban on single-use plastic bags is applauded for highlighting excessive plastic waste in express and takeout business, but experts question how far it can go without legal backing

In a society where grades are everything, teenagers often get a pass on doing chores both at home and school. It is increasingly common for students to lack common knowledge about labor-intensive work such as agriculture.

Under public pressure to ban the consumption of wildlife since the outbreak of Covid-19, China is fast-tracking a revision of its Wildlife Protection Law, despite pushback from some in the trade