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China has launched its national carbon market, but experts say it will need to increase energy prices to make it financially viable

Experts call on authorities to break up monopolies on data in the public and private sectors to promote sound growth of the digital economy. NewsChina presents some of their views on digital and data issues

The relationships between regulators, financial institutions and private companies needs to be redefined in order to better forestall corruption in the financial sector

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China is allowing couples to have three children and vows more supportive measures in response to the dramatic decline in the fertility rate revealed in its latest census

A netizen’s finding that one traffic camera had captured hundreds of thousands of violations in a year, amounting to millions of yuan in fines, led to a public backlash over the perceived profit-driven model of traffic law enforcement

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed at a press conference that Shanghai Cooperation Organization Secretary General Vladimir Norov and diplomats from 20 countries visited Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region between March 30 to April 2.