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Despite losing his lower limbs to frostbite on his first attempt at summiting the world’s highest mountain, 69-year-old double amputee Xia Boyu has finally achieved his dream in the face of frostbite, avalanches, earthquakes and bureaucracy

Chinese scientists have successfully developed a new universal antibody drug that it is hoped could prevent people from contracting HIV, as well as treat the virus

Chinese patients have waited too long for access to life-saving new therapies. Recent measures to reduce import barriers are helpful, but long-term problems, particularly workforce shortages, have no quick fix

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After 17 years, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is more relevant than ever. The Qingdao Declaration demonstrates how the organization’s vision is expanding to include key global issues

Chinese scientists have traveled across the country, sampling its land-based ecosystems to gain a better understanding of how the natural world can help fight in the battle against climate change

Will tech companies or traditional automakers win the race to market China’s next generation of smart cars?