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After achieving national prominence in 2015, poet Yu Xiuhua, a rural woman with cerebral palsy who has been controversially dubbed China’s Emily Dickinson, has started a battle to take back control over her own life

Dahufa, the first Chinese film to give itself a PG-13 classification, launches a revolution in creative Chinese cinema with its confronting violence and stirring themes

China is trying to tame the ‘gray rhinos’ at loose in its financial system. But what about the other ‘gray rhinos’ outside the financial sector that are yet to be tracked?

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In a culture where continuing the family line is of paramount importance, Chinese parents are starting to come to terms with their children’s sexuality

NewsChina takes a look at China's elite special forces unit.

Poor rural students are offered more opportunities at China’s top universities. But poverty is not the only hurdle for the lucky few who make it.