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Widely acclaimed as the best coming-of-age drama in China over the past decade, writer-director Cao Baoping’s Einstein and Einstein takes a critical look at girlhood in modern China while marking a return to realism in domestic cinema

Senior economist and an early proponent of market reform, Gao Shangquan tells NewsChina of his early efforts and evaluates and predicts the country’s progress

As the US is hit hard by the opioid crisis, doctors and patients are turning to acupuncture. Can the method become a powerful weapon to turn the situation around or is it just a placebo?

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While livestreamed classes have helped students in poorer, rural areas gain access to top resources, long-distance education alone does not narrow the urban-rural education gap, experts say

A Tsinghua research report delves into five ways that China maintained its economic growth during the reform and opening-up over the past 40 years. Can they be used by other economies?

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed the country will continue to reform and open up to the world, but only on its own terms