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The establishment of procuratorial offices within police stations to supervise investigations is intended to reduce police malpractice, yet the lack of supporting regulations and personnel and a sense of mistrust are hindering the program

Few question the fact that China deserves credit for its achievements in reducing poverty. However, a huge challenge remains even at the present stage of ‘targeted poverty alleviation’

The nationwide ‘Targeted Poverty Alleviation’ program has seen significant positive results in recent years and may become an international standard, but is it enough?

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Repeatedly challenged, China’s millennia-old fighting arts are grappling their way into the modern era, with their sights now set on the Olympics.

A video of an MMA fighter demolishing a self-proclaimed tai chi master in 10 seconds flat has reignited debates over whether Chinese traditional martial arts are of any use in real combat.

The Xiongan New Area is drawing national attention, but a crisis around the polluted water of the site’s lakes may hamper its progress