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As China attempts to usher in ‘high-quality growth,’ Zhejiang Province is piloting an industry evaluation system to push its economy toward steadier and sustainable development

Award-winning director of the ‘Blind’ trilogy Li Yang describes the painstaking process of getting a challenging film into theaters

The success of China’s latest war movie, Operation Red Sea, is part of a new chapter in Chinese patriotic cinema, and reveals how China’s various military branches finance films

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Bitcoin’s potential bubbles have provoked Chinese concerns and a crackdown, but its underlying technology is considered by some to be the future of wealth and the key to national competitiveness

Modernization has brought non-degradable material and products to the remote Tibetan plateau, but local communities backed by NGOs have mobilized to fight the pollution choking their towns

Romance-based mobile game Love and Producer was a massive hit with young women in China, who fell for the fantasy of a perfect man. Now, some of them are falling out of love just as quickly, as they question the fat profits the game developer is scooping up