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Treasure the Treasures, a play written and performed by staff at the Palace Museum, tells the tale of the 15-year odyssey of the imperial treasures after they were whisked out of Beijing to avoid being seized by Japanese invaders

China is trying to promote innovation and upgrade its manufacturing sector. The two must grow together – not separately – as part of a ‘new dynamic’ that will reshape the nation’s economy

Xiongan New Area is set to become a regional transport center to advance the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. But will it avoid the pitfalls of other large cities?

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As the Xiongan project gets under way, the relationship between government and the market remains a central issue as authorities explore the possibility of alternative urbanization models.

China stepped up scrutiny of capital outflows while the yuan was facing depreciation pressures. But other considerations have also underwritten the government’s moves – and investors’ incentives.

Central planners are taking great pains to attract educational institutions to Xiongan New Area with some preliminary success