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Young parents in urban China are often lured by fancy ads for various forms of early childhood education. But some classes may be doing more harm than good

China’s first domestic blockbuster co-produced with Hollywood triggered controversies both in the US and at home

Some young Chinese are seeking new experiences overseas, or escaping problems at home, by enlisting in foreign armed forces.

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Since the self-help best-seller Chicken Soup for the Soul landed in China in the late 1990s, “chicken-soup” motivational culture has become a social, cultural and commercial phenomenon. In the age of social media, the cheesy, gooey, feel-good culture has flooded people’s smartphones, formed a huge positive-thinking industry, and caused heated arguments.

The risks that led to China’s first bond defaults in 2014 may build up in 2017. SOEs and local governments are particularly vulnerable. NewsChina invited a local ratings agency to explain the issues.

China’s leading online shopping platform Taobao has over 100,000 high-end consumers with special shopping privileges. Will the group help to drive the company’s service upgrades?