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Unaffordable, unavailable childcare has seen many seniors move across the country to care for their grandchildren. But now, homesick, fatigued and battered by conflicts over child-rearing styles, many oppose the idea of families having a second child.

Nearly a fifth of Chinese families own a pet, and the question of what to do when they die is slowly being answered

Sweeping tax reforms aim to establish a unified and cohesive system across China, but will leave local authorities with less power to raise money

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After years of hesitation, Tesla finally inked a deal that means it will become the first wholly foreign-owned auto maker in China. Can the Chinese new energy vehicle industry respond?

Ever dreamed of owning a desert island? Hainan has issued new rules to promote the development of islands off its coast, but can developers overcome the problems of the past, which include high costs, natural disasters and the need to protect the local ecology?

With the producers of ineffective vaccines under investigation, China’s latest medical scandal has grown public distrust in the domestic vaccine market