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“I believe that universities, especially prestigious ones, should not overemphasize tailoring professionals for society, since industries change every day and we cannot set up courses at once, or universities and their students won’t know what to do.”

“The ‘red health code’ incident is truly abominable, since it showed how some officials believe they are above the law. This problem is becoming more prominent now.”

“Young people should lead a more romantic life and not be overwhelmed by trivial matters in their 20s and 30s.”

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“We have an array of indexes to measure whether we will put an end to the pandemic, and the case fatality rate for at-risk populations like the elderly and chronically ill will always be a very critical one.”

“We have to assess the virus’ harmfulness and the tools we have to fight it when deciding when to adjust our pandemic control policies and return to normal.”

“Animal abuse not only harms animals’ health but also poses threats to human life and property.