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“Individuals should have more freedom to give birth, but since Chinese people don’t want large families anymore, the birth rate wouldn’t rise even if we further loosened controls.” 

“Just as every outstanding kid is backed by excellent parents, wild kids have wild parents. Many parents don’t realize that the easiest way to spoil a child is setting no limits for them.”

“Men are getting too lazy to pursue women.

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Measures to boost the fertility rate should only be taken after we see what the fertility rate is when there is complete freedom to have children, but so far I haven’t seen any sign the government plans to fully lift the birth control policy.

“A market where the core competitiveness lies in commissions and rebates gives pharmaceutical companies no impetus to make high-quality generic drugs; rather it puts them under huge pressure to make profits to ensure their survival.”

“Chinese education is in such a moribund state: teachers are only allowed to praise, not criticize students, let alone punish them. If something bad happens, people believe that teachers should take all the responsibility, saying that there are no bad students, just bad teachers.”