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“While busy with these mass amounts of [Chinese language] exercises, we ignored that language is based on humans, from humans and for humans... This loss of humanity and soul has made Chinese language education like a walking corpse.”

“In order to strengthen mathematical research, we must once again emphasize the importance of mathematics in primary education. Otherwise, it is like water without a source.”  

Make America great again’ does not contradict ‘ the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’. They can go hand-in-hand.

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“I will be alone on the court from now on.” Lin Dan, China’s leading men’s badminton player, on the retirement of Malaysian athlete Lee Chong Wei. Lin and Lee had been top competitive rivals in the sport for more than 10 years

“Movies are like our children and piracy is like child trafficking.” Chinese actor Sheng Teng at a press conference promoting the Ministry of Public Security’s most recent crackdown on piracy

“The Chinese football team sucks beyond belief! They didn’t do anything right at the [last] China Cup. They simply exist to upset the Chinese people. It’s absolutely shameful.”