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In the past, we employed 20-30 laborers, mostly from local ethnic groups, to help us pick cotton at 0.7-0.8 yuan (US$0.1) per kilogram.

Our next step is to administer vaccines more extensively to create herd immunity.

“I’ve walked a long road and suffered a lot to present this thesis to you. My 22-year scholastic journey was a slog and full of difficulties. Like a dream, it’s as if I set out from home yesterday.”

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���The root cause of the disputed issues between China and Japan lies in the fact that Japan cannot deal with diplomatic affairs independently, but rather is reduced to a US pawn to engage in geopolitical competition with China in the Asia-Pacific region.

[China and the US] should respect each other and not interfere in their respective internal affairs.

“Among large countries with populations over 100 million, China is without a doubt the one that has seen the most rapid demographic changes, with the largest decrease in births and largest increase in senior population.”