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China’s birth rate has remained below the population replacement level for almost three decades and will possibly keep dropping in the future.

“If I can’t extend my life, why not live it to the fullest? ... As the pandemic spreads around the globe, I hope I can use my disability to provide a glimmer of hope and alleviate the world’s pains.”

“It’s completely paranoid for some Americans that see all Chinese students in the US as spies and think of all Chinese universities in the US as trying to infiltrate [communism into the US].”

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China and the US are too big.

“If Wang Zhenhua (the high-profile businessman convicted of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl) was in another country, he would have been chemically castrated or put in prison for decades.

“People cannot help but ask whether the notorious era of McCarthyism is returning in the US.”