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China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation publicized the first pictures of China’s Mars probe on October 12, revealing that China is set to launch the probe by mid-2020. 

The BBC recently nominated Tu Youyou, the 89-year-old Chinese pharmaceutical chemist, as one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century for her discovery of a new treatment for malaria that “helped save millions of lives.” 

Chinese scientist Wu Yican has won the SOFT Innovation Prize for 2018, ­making him the first Asian winner of the biennial award established by the European Union in 2014 to honor scientists who have contributed to innovation in nuclear fusion. 

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Thanks to a newly discovered mammalian fossil which has been named Ambolestes zhoui, Chinese scientists concluded that the Sinodelphys szalay – the oldest marsupial fossil found – which was discovered in North China in 2003, should actually be classified in the placental class of creatures, the same taxonomy as Ambolestes zhoui, an ancient furry creature that is similar to a tree shrew.

According to a recent cover report by Cell, Chinese scientists have taken the lead in breeding cloned monkeys based on somatic cells (non-reproductive cells).

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology initiated a 100,000-person gene mapping study on December 28, 2017.