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How Chinese archaeologists took back control over ancient sites from foreign adventurers

A 16th-century healer dedicated 30 years of his life to correcting, standardizing and expanding the practice of herbal medicine in China by writing a masterpiece that is celebrated to this day

A masterpiece created nearly a millennium ago holds the distinction of being the inaugural piece to undergo expert appraisal following the reestablishment of the Chinese Ancient Art Appraisal Group

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Dating back over a millennium, a UNESCO site in Chongqing famed for its unique rock carvings is grappling with the effects of climate change – and inspiring new breakthroughs in preservation

A nearly 400-year-old collection of supernatural tales has found new popularity through a hit song inspired by its timeless social satire. NewsChina explores how storyteller Pu Songling’s repeated failures in life spelled success for his posthumous masterwork

An animated blockbuster brings to life some of the most iconic figures in Chinese literary history and has revived interest in a Tang Dynasty poet whose name evokes legends