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While China’s emperors attempted to buy up all the antiques and art they could find, many of the royal treasures we can still see today came from the private collections of wealthy individuals

Chinese people are traditionally deeply attached to their homeland. But poverty, wars and business caused several large-scale migrations in ancient China

The life and heroics of Qian Xiuling, a Chinese woman who risked her life to save 110 Belgians from the hands of Nazis, are revealed in a new book

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The global supply chain for China-produced luxury goods in the 18th and 19th centuries was similar to today’s flows of products. But it was tea, a cheap Chinese product, that had a lasting impact on trade and relations with the West

'Why do some men look so average and still have so much confidence?'

As China progressed with the reform and opening-up of its economy, its civil law needed to catch up to match the country’s new direction. The legal path has been long, and is still ongoing