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2,000-year-old jade and gold burial suits, found in some of China’s largest royal tombs ever discovered, highlight the opulence of ancient kingdoms and their rulers’ pursuit of luxury in the afterlife

Mazu, the most revered goddess of the sea in China, is at the heart of a host of beliefs and customs throughout China’s coastal areas as well as countless Chinese communities around the world

Full River Red, the latest film from director Zhang Yimou, has revived admiration for Yue Fei, a military hero who lived during the Southern Song Dynasty

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Before Beijing, several cities hosted the seat of power in ancient China, and water supply determined their fates

Robert Fortune’s clandestine trip to steal China’s closely guarded secrets of tea production ultimately ended the monopoly of an empire

A very short poem went a long way toward inspiring a Buddhist monk of the Tang Dynasty to undertake a perilous journey to re-establish the calssical precepts and practices of Buddhism in Japan