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The 2,500-year-old legacy of China’s legendary father of carpentry continues as workshops bearing his name help foster thousands of skilled professionals in developing countries around the world

A new museum at China’s oldest ongoing archaeological excavation delves into what a 3,000-year-old tomb and oracle bone inscriptions reveal about the Shang Dynasty’s greatest warrior queen

How Chinese archaeologists took back control over ancient sites from foreign adventurers

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A 16th-century healer dedicated 30 years of his life to correcting, standardizing and expanding the practice of herbal medicine in China by writing a masterpiece that is celebrated to this day

A masterpiece created nearly a millennium ago holds the distinction of being the inaugural piece to undergo expert appraisal following the reestablishment of the Chinese Ancient Art Appraisal Group

Dating back over a millennium, a UNESCO site in Chongqing famed for its unique rock carvings is grappling with the effects of climate change – and inspiring new breakthroughs in preservation