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As China progressed with the reform and opening-up of its economy, its civil law needed to catch up to match the country’s new direction. The legal path has been long, and is still ongoing

An experiment in communal living in Beijing, three collective apartment buildings constructed around 1960 have witnessed their own rise and fall amid drastic social changes

Wang Chengbin, a former commander of the Beijing Military Area, recounts the past tensions in the Taiwan Strait

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Stephen Hawking made three trips to China, even at a time when facilities for the disabled were lacking. One of Hawking’s postgraduate students, Wu Zhongchao, gives an inside account of these visits, and tells how the physicist’s popularity in China soared as a result

After the suicide of famed Chinese writer Lao She during the Cultural Revolution, some of his manuscripts went missing. Five decades later, Chinese academic Zhao Wuping discovered a complete English translation at Harvard University of his wartime novel, Four Generations Under One Roof

Robert Carl Cohen, the first American to film a documentary in the People’s Republic of China, talks with NewsChina about his 1957 ‘forbidden journey’ during the Cold War