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An animated blockbuster brings to life some of the most iconic figures in Chinese literary history and has revived interest in a Tang Dynasty poet whose name evokes legends

The discovery and exploration of two 500-year-old shipwrecks in the South China Sea relay the history of China’s underwater archaeology and its recent technological advancements

A Chinese explorer from more than 2,000 years ago provided the Han empire with a reliable account of the uncharted lands of Central Asia and paved the way for the development of the Silk Road

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A Dutch diplomat and Sinologist whose writings during the mid-20th century offered the war-torn world deep cultural insight into both ancient and modern China

2,000-year-old jade and gold burial suits, found in some of China’s largest royal tombs ever discovered, highlight the opulence of ancient kingdoms and their rulers’ pursuit of luxury in the afterlife

Mazu, the most revered goddess of the sea in China, is at the heart of a host of beliefs and customs throughout China’s coastal areas as well as countless Chinese communities around the world