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Crosstalk performer Yan Hexiang talks with NewsChina about the current predicaments of China’s traditional comedy performance and the huge challenge it faces from its younger rival – stand-up comedy

By adopting a ‘dynamic eradication’ strategy that focuses on Covid-19 cases at the community level, China has managed to keep the coronavirus under control

How a US Fortune 500 company found success in China by creating joint ventures with its Chinese partners to help drive the domestic engine industry

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Despite US bans, Huawei embarks on basic theory and technology innovation to break bottlenecks in ICT development for the sake of global progress

At the initial stages of Xiongan New Area’s development, apart from favorable administrative support, the role of the market in resource distribution will also play an important part in preventing excessive administration

Can a documentary help regular Chinese and Americans understand each other? Two filmmakers talk to NewsChina about why they wanted to make their film, and what they hope it will achieve