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In the second half of the year, China needs to strike a balance between deleveraging and maintaining steady economic growth. Monetary policy alone, which has had limited effect, needs to combine with fiscal and industrial polices to shore up market confidence

Renowned foreign policy expert Li Cheng surveys the prospect of a trade war between the US and China and its long-term impact on bilateral relations

During the recent 3rd Mekong River Commission Summit in Cambodia, NewsChina caught up with the chief of the regional body and a Chinese water resources expert, to discuss their views on issues of regional cooperation in water governance

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Desirée Bollier, Value Retail’s Chairwoman talks to China Report about her passion for creating a luxury tourist shopping experience and her customer-centric business strategy

Population scholar Zhai Zhenwu says claims that China’s fertility rate is the lowest worldwide are an exaggeration but it will take years for the new two child policy to take effect

NewsChina talks with academic Lin Hong about the future of environmental advocacy in China, at a time when NGOs face additional government scrutiny