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Officials say an overloaded truck is to blame for the fatal collapse of an overpass. But forcing the trucking industry to halt the chronic malpractice is not so easy

Is the Gen-Z mania for blind box toys just a way to provide enjoyment in a stressful life, or is it the next collectible bubble waiting to burst?

China’s central government has appointed financial specialists as deputy provincial governors in the hope that their rich experience will drive financial reforms

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China’s scenic spots are racing to build glass bridges, platforms and slides to cash in on the growing market. Safety supervision and quality control, however, are still up in the air

Major music platforms and companies have been carving out their markets ever since China standardized music copyrights. But now, catalogue monopolies are a lingering sour note

In a bid to appeal to a wider demographic and shake off its stuffy image, State media CCTV has launched versions of its flagship nightly news program on social media apps