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Two important signals show that China seems to be tightening home mortgage loans, reported Securities Daily.

‘Tuanyuan,’ a software system developed by Alibaba, has been hugely successful in finding missing children. Its push notifications to a range of the most commonly-used apps in China are proving crucial in the fight against child abduction and trafficking

Sex education, long taboo in China’s family and school education, has become a topic of national debate after a ground-breaking curriculum was introduced to kids

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Wind power is facing problems intersecting with China’s energy grid due to local authorities favoring traditional coal-fired plants over new sources

The life of poet Wu Xinghua, once one of the brightest stars in China’s literary scene, was tragically cut short in 1966 and his work is only now being rediscovered

Railway worker turned professional photographer, Wang Fuchun, has spent nearly 40 years documenting the country’s carriages