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China only has one specialist facility for people in a persistent vegetative state and its founder is struggling to gain recognition and support for its patients

The worldwide race for a Covid-19 vaccine has yielded initial results, yet the effectiveness of these vaccines is still unknown

Wuhan decided to test all 11 million of its residents for the coronavirus, at great expense. Experts advise that precise testing and a long-term epidemic prevention system could be more effective

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A high-profile case involving a teenage girl, her guardian and accusations of rape has forced a nationwide conversation about the sexual abuse of minors, China’s age of consent and protective laws

Jerry Kowal, a popular American vlogger on Chinese social media, uses videos to document the Covid-19 outbreak in the US and help bridge cultural gaps. But as more Chinese-speaking foreigners cash in on the format with fawning praise for China, fatigued viewers may soon begin switching off

After a search of 15 years that captured the nation’s attention, a father is reunited with his son who was abducted as a baby