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As medical research becomes more viable in China, universities are racing to open medical schools to increase their rankings, enrollment and financial support

The onset of winter brings the annual call for southern regions of China to be provided with central heating as residents endure chilly conditions. But many question whether it is feasible and cost-effective

A lawsuit brought by a single woman denied the right to freeze her eggs has reignited the debate over women’s reproductive rights and how much control the State should exercise over them

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From a niche subculture to a multibillion yuan industry, hanfu – the traditional costume of the Han ethnicity – has experienced a renaissance thanks to China’s young generations

The first lawsuit against facial recognition in the public domain has aroused public debate and query on the legitimacy and morality of the rapidly expanding technology

Eight Traditional Chinese Medicine universities in China were removed from the World Directory of Medical Schools after a change in qualifying criteria. While some experts oppose the move, others blame TCM institutions for failing to better integrate into mainstream global healthcare