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China has set new standards for English learning that aim to put an end to the days when students could pass a test, but not actually speak

With the rise of celebrity culture, China’s private security industry is growing rapidly. Yet there are few regulations, and the sector is little understood, with many people equating the profession with what they see in a kung fu movie

A growing number of new mothers seek help from breastfeeding masseuses, but the service often causes more problems. China is now working to address the lack of professional advice to new mothers and to standardize the growing industry

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As China vows to tackle its pervasive environmental pollution, the nationwide system of environmental inspections has been hailed as a real reform, although whether it can bring about systemic change remains to be seen

Astrology and star signs are gaining rapid popularity among Chinese young people, who prefer the Western-style horoscope. Those who foresaw this are raking in the cash

Hainan, China’s southernmost island province, will become the country’s largest pilot free trade zone and the forefront of reform with the highest degree of opening-up