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In response to China’s low birth rate many provinces and regions including Liaoning, Shaanxi, Hubei and Xinjiang, have issued various policies to encourage childbirth, such as prolonging paid maternity leave and granting maternity allowances.  

After petering out at the start of the year, China’s #MeToo movement has again gathered steam with a wave of accusations against prominent figures. But how much long-term impact it will have on China’s patriarchal culture and legal framework remains unclear

Wang Ju faced relentless bullying when she participated in talent show Produce 101, but rather than shrinking she turned it to her advantage. Is there room for uniqueness in China’s cookie-cutter popstar culture?

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With the strong development momentum of bamboo as a renewable, low-carbon alternative to conventional material for infrastructure construction, will China lead a new green revolution?

China is hoping to create an army of soccer heroes to become a world-class powerhouse in the men’s game. Can foreign coaches and their more relaxed methods succeed where the punishing training regimes of the past failed to get past the post?

China works to overhaul its engineering education system to train talent for emerging industries