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While livestreamed classes have helped students in poorer, rural areas gain access to top resources, long-distance education alone does not narrow the urban-rural education gap, experts say

Once officially banned and condemned by the public, esports in China have since boomed, earning a place as a recognized athletic sport

Local authorities in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, held its third press conference on November 25, 2018 in the wake of a dangerous toxic chemical leak, finally admitting that the actual amount of the leaked carbon-9, a polluting and potentially harmful fuel oil, was 69.1 tons, almost 10 times the amount initially reported by the petrochemical company.  

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Accident appraisers are exaggerating and faking injury reports to extract higher compensation from insurance firms. The result is a profit chain that is proving difficult to break

Chinese universities are battling it out for position on ranking lists to attract more funding and students. But many educators argue that the notion of a list should be entirely abandoned to improve the quality of education

A household herbal toothpaste brand that built a reputation for its use of traditional Chinese medicine was instead found to contain pharmaceuticals, sparking public accusations of false advertising