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The summer floods that hit the Yangtze River Valley and its tributaries have laid bare the limitations of the country’s flood control system in the Three Gorges Dam

For years, China’s younger migrant workers have been abandoning factory jobs, once a backbone of growth, for delivery and courier work offering better pay and greater flexibility. This ongoing trend has only increased during the coronavirus pandemic and is stirring concerns over the future of China’s manufacturing industry

Hospice care is starting to end the traditional Chinese view that life must be prolonged at all costs, but lack of standards, funds and training means many patients do not receive the end-of-life care they want

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Mukbang, the livestreaming trend of watching people binge eat online, is providing food for comfort among China’s growing number of lonely urban youth

Controversy over the suicide of a fifth grader on campus has experts calling for clearer laws protecting students from teacher abuse and more thorough investigations

A new prototype maglev train has reignited enthusiasm for supporters of the technology. But given the cost and China’s extensive high-speed rail system, is there a rationale to build more lines?