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China’s national marriage rate has dropped to 7.2 per 1,000 in 2018, the lowest level in the last 11 years, according to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

A surge in the number of accidents caused by objects falling or thrown from high-rises has sparked calls for more stringent legal and civil penalties, targeting both individuals and building managers

Local officials are rushing to build parks, hoping to see returns from creating a better environment. The problem is balancing the high immediate costs and the expected long-term gains

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An investigative program has won praise for grilling Shandong Province officials with hard-hitting live interviews and prompting them to address long-standing issues. However, the show is struggling to keep its edge as officials increasingly come prepared

Chinese legal experts and the public are calling for tougher laws and better protection mechanisms for children as cases of sexual abuse of minors in China go unpunished

China’s massive livestreaming and short video industry has a new kind of celebrity