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China has three main medical insurance systems: the Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance, the Urban Resident Basic Medical Insurance and the New Rural Cooperative Medical   Insurance.

According to China’s Ministry of Finance, domestic local government debt balance stood at 16.47 trillion yuan (US$2.46t) at the end of November 2017, below the government-targeted ceiling of 18.82 trillion yuan (US$2.8t).

For nearly three decades, China has been the world’s biggest importer of recyclable waste, the processing of which has become a primary industry for some coastal regions.

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The halcyon days of China’s solar power industry seem to be ending after regulators decided to reduce subsidies to cool down runaway photovoltaic (PV) growth.

In 2014, China’s first professional air ambulance was established in Beijing to carry out emergency rescue missions and transport patients to hospitals. Four years later, China has some 100 medical rescue helicopters nationwide.

According to the China Population Association, more than 40 million Chinese people suffer from infertility, accounting for 12.5 percent of the country’s reproductive population.