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Since the Internet of Things (IoT) was proposed in 1999, scientists worldwide have been working to connect electronic devices to the internet to improve efficiency and management in an increasingly complicated world.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China has 500,000 “de facto orphans,” or children whose parents cannot fulfil their duties as guardians due to disability, disappearance, drug abuse or prison sentences.

Official statistics showed that about 10 billion metric tons of solid waste are produced annually in China, which already has a stockpile of 60-70 billion tons.

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In December 2016, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released China’s sixth-generation vehicle emission standards.

Since the end of the 1970s when China started its reform and opening-up, a consensus has been reached by the country’s top leaders that there is no way out if reform is not carried out. Under the cautious political atmosphere at that time, it required great determination, courage and wisdom to break through all the institutional barriers and red tape.

Throughout the world, roughly 70 billion animals are slaughtered yearly to meet the growing appetite of human beings.