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China has unveiled major economic policies, including large tax cut packages, that pundits say have both short- and long-term considerations

Famed economist argues that over-reliance on investment to stabilize growth is nothing but a temporary relief measure that will lead to disaster

As the US is hit hard by the opioid crisis, doctors and patients are turning to acupuncture. Can the method become a powerful weapon to turn the situation around or is it just a placebo?

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A Chinese scientist caused universal condemnation and outrage when he announced he had conducted the first successful gene-editing trial on human babies. It was far from the response he expected. NewsChina investigates what led to his downfall

Geneticists worldwide have condemned Chinese scientist He Jiankui for violating medical ethics and basic codes of conduct. Why is gene-editing so controversial?

Despite easing family planning polices, China’s fertility rate is decreasing. Some local authorities have rolled out policies to counteract the population crisis, but is it too little, too late?