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Young parents in urban China are often lured by fancy ads for various forms of early childhood education. But some classes may be doing more harm than good

Child psychologist Zhang Meiling says parental care and smiles are the best ways to reach young children – and don’t cost a thing

As the global call for a complete ban of the ivory trade inside China continues, the authorities have been cracking down on the illegal trade. But a NewsChina investigation found that the trade has simply shifted online

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Following its achievements in aerospace exploration over the past 60 years, China is now putting even more effort into expanding aerospace technology into a prosperous industry, via the moon

Although China’s weather forecasting has become considerably more accurate in recent years, the emergency response mechanisms for natural disasters still aren’t enough to cope with the wave of calamities caused by climate change

While the immediate ripple effects of Brexit in China are palpable, the potential medium- and long-term impact is as uncertain as the ultimate outcome of the decision itself