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Since leaving their habitat in southern Yunnan Province, a rogue herd of 15 Asian elephants has trekked 500 kilometers north and is showing no signs of returning. Experts are unsure why, and are seeking ways to bring them back

China has suspended ultramarathons after 21 runners died of hypothermia during a desert mountain race. A provincial-led investigation cites poor planning and management, while experts say lack of regulation is also to blame

The emerging counseling industry in China has attracted a large number of followers but many find that becoming a qualified psychotherapist is an endless and expensive journey

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Training for counselors and therapists has boomed in China, but lack of regulation is a source of anxiety for the market

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues and anti-globalization sentiments increase worldwide, many Chinese students are reconsidering their plans to study abroad. But will this shift lead to a long-lasting decline in overseas enrollment?

Temporary school closures and quarantines during the Covid-19 outbreak have come as a boon to online education, which may soon fade if the still-developing industry fails to meet expectations