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Rural livestreamers are a big hit, selling local produce to help farmers. But all is not what it seems. NewsChina investigates how the system works to trick sympathetic buyers into fraudulent purchases, prompting platforms to take action

From spun sob stories to bait-and-switch schemes, fraud among livestreamers selling farm produce is damaging China’s poverty alleviation efforts, and legal experts are calling on streaming agencies, online platforms and local governments to weed it out

While China has boosted investment in R&D, scientists warn that institutional barriers must be removed before the country can make significant breakthroughs in fundamental research

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As AI accelerates the efficiency of research, experts cast doubt on its ability to trigger another scientific revolution – and take their jobs

China’s earliest animators dedicated their careers to finding an artistic language that was distinctly their own – only for imports on an open market to overshadow their success

Once a distant dream within the animation community, the rise of Chinese animation has increasingly become a reality over the past decade. But for many young animators, the industry and market are a long way from rendering lasting success