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Although China’s weather forecasting has become considerably more accurate in recent years, the emergency response mechanisms for natural disasters still aren’t enough to cope with the wave of calamities caused by climate change

While the immediate ripple effects of Brexit in China are palpable, the potential medium- and long-term impact is as uncertain as the ultimate outcome of the decision itself

Smaller powers can help ease tensions between China and the US. Britain, even after Brexit, is still the best positioned of these ‘bridge states,’ says international relations expert

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An announcement from China’s Ministry of Education instructing local universities and colleges in 12 provinces and municipalities to increase enrollment quotas for students from impoverished western regions has triggered a fierce backlash from locals, highlighting the stubborn regional inequalities in China’s education system

Many Chinese children who demonstrate skill at the traditional game of Go are being pulled out of school by ambitious parents to be hot-housed in special “Go dojos” around the capital. Few will become champions, while the rest will be left without a formal education in a society where qualifications are everything

A growing number of retirees from northern China are leaving their freezing hometowns to fly south for a warmer winter, bringing their destination cities both opportunities and challenges