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The climate in Northwest China is getting warmer and wetter. NewsChina investigates how the region’s farmers are adapting

Arid Northwest China is getting wetter and warmer due to climate change, posing challenges in how to respond, including water management and disaster mitigation

As climate change continues, the increasingly humid climate in Northwest China brings both pros and cons to local agricultural production

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Rural livestreamers are a big hit, selling local produce to help farmers. But all is not what it seems. NewsChina investigates how the system works to trick sympathetic buyers into fraudulent purchases, prompting platforms to take action

From spun sob stories to bait-and-switch schemes, fraud among livestreamers selling farm produce is damaging China’s poverty alleviation efforts, and legal experts are calling on streaming agencies, online platforms and local governments to weed it out

While China has boosted investment in R&D, scientists warn that institutional barriers must be removed before the country can make significant breakthroughs in fundamental research