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Chinese TV show Dad! Where Are We Going? has enjoyed high audience ratings by showing how fathers and their children cope with different challenges.

Following a campaign initiated by Harry Potter star Emma Watson in London when she left feminist literature around the London Underground, several playful Chinese literature fans in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou began hiding books on the subway, only to find that passengers were wary of it.

Alipay, a major Chinese payment platform affiliated with the Alibaba Group, has drawn public criticism by launching a new function, Quanzi (roughly “Circle” in Chinese), similar to Google Plus, which invites users to join different circles based on their profiles and share information with each other.

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An industrial chemical zone in Pengze County, Jiangxi Province, was exposed to have concealed its serious pollution by temporarily shutting down the plants when central environmental investigators came to inspect the area, then reopening them after they left.

The local government of Tibet recently issued a new policy, granting local women an entire year of maternity leave on full pay. The policy has triggered nationwide discussion. Some netizens praised it for better protecting women’s rights, while the other part worried that the long term (national regulations only give women 98 days of maternity leave) will further aggravate gender discrimination in the labor market.

After one month’s stay in space, two Chinese astronauts, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, landed safely back on earth after leaving China’s Shenzhou-XI manned spacecraft launched on October 17. During the past month, Jing and Chen conducted dozens of experiments on earth observation, aerospace medicine and engineering intended to aid China’s future space lab projects. State-run CCTV broadcast the astronauts’ return live to an audience of millions.