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A large terracotta warrior bust in downtown Xi’an, Shaanxi Province that wowed crowds by displaying the faces of visitors was recently removed following outcry over its appearance.

A man who attempted to forcibly take his wife off life support has renewed online debate in China over medical euthanasia.

A new regulation in Shandong Province that would guarantee women days off from work for menstrual pains sparked discussions on social media.

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Police detained three men who posed for photos in uniforms bearing swastikas and other Nazi symbols at a cemetery for military martyrs in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and posted them online.

Parents in Hunan Province are accusing a dairy company of providing substandard milk to underprivileged schoolchildren through a government program aiming to improve student nutrition.

A summer camp in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province was ordered to shut down for teaching young women to be submissive and obedient as part of a course in “feminine conduct.”