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Tencent was feeling the heat online after getting stiffed for millions in a chili-inspired advertising con. In 2019, the Chinese tech giant sealed a deal with three people posing as marketing managers for the popular chili sauce Lao Gan Ma.

Officials in Shandong Province were punished for conspiring in identity thefts, forgeries and cover-ups that robbed students of their earned university slots and gave them to those from more privileged families.

“Sex doll experience centers” in several Chinese cities were caught with their pants down after an investigative report revealed they were not sterilizing their silicone dolls before providing them to the next patron.

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A 17-year-old girl in Guangdong Province has reported her parents to women’s rights authorities, claiming they were forcing her into an unwanted marriage.

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A single father touched hearts online for biking across China with his four-year-old daughter. Departing from their home in Dongguang, Guangdong Province, dad “A Dou” made the 4,000-kilometer, 71-day trek to Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region while pulling his daughter in a covered trailer.