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Chinese parents are increasingly enrolling their kids in EQ (emotional quotient) training courses that claim to train children how to better manage their emotions, help build a sense of security and get along with others. Reporters found that the classes mainly target kids between three and 12 years old, with some accepting infants and toddlers.

Undercover reporters in Chongqing have exposed illegal sales of fresh and processed human placentas for consumption.

The president of a major Chinese pharmaceutical company is accused of paying US$6.5 million to get his daughter into Stanford University in a case of admissions fraud.

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As the world’s first image of a black hole captivated the world’s attention, Beijing-based stock photo agency VCG found itself in a galaxy of trouble when it charged money for its use.

Sichuan International Studies University recently attracted attention with a series of classes that aim to teach the value of life.

A viral video clip showing a mother kicking her three-year-old daughter as she modeled during an outdoor photo shoot has sparked public outrage and accusations of child abuse.