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A photo showing how AI is being used to monitor student behavior triggered heated debate among netizens.

A 110-year-old woman in South China has enriched her social life and pockets through livestreaming.

Perceived social pressures to be thin in China are not only driving an increase in eating disorders such as bulimia, but also a whole industry that encourages and enables them.

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Netizens were left shell-shocked by news of a turtle that was allegedly thrown from a high-rise building in Beijing’s Haidian District on August 28.

A livestreamer known for covering her face during broadcasts was recently blocked from Douyu, a popular Chinese live-streaming app, over accusations she had purposefully revealed her face on camera in a calculated bid to draw viewers.

Ten people were killed and three are still missing after a torrential flood tore through a scenic area in central China on August 4.