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Police have identified a corpse excavated from under a middle school playground in Xinhuang, Hunan Province as Deng Shiping, an administrator at the school who went missing 16 years earlier amid a corruption scandal.

Shandong University was accused of promoting a study partner program as a way to hook up with overseas students.

A total of 64 village doctors in Tongxu County, Henan Province resigned on July 8 in protest over unpaid back wages.

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Students are hiring other students to attend their classes at Beijing universities so frequently that for some it has become a thriving business.

Sixty-nine dialysis patients were infected with Hepatitis C while receiving treatment at a local hospital in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province in April and May.

An online course that claims to teach women to spot deadbeats, cheaters and other dubious dudes while dating has attracted attention on social media.