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The government should create a better business environment to encourage private companies to participate based on their own interests

The government must realize that soaring property prices and the lack of alternative investment channels have formed a vicious circle

If the trend continues, many of China’s college graduates may find themselves excluded from the middle class. From a national perspective, this could mean the start of the shrinking of the middle class, which would have serious social and political implications for Chinese society

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China’s personal income tax is so unfair that it exacerbates income inequality and social injustice

Even if an SOE is an economic failure, its leaders face no real consequences, as many of them are given posts at non-SOE government agencies. Equally, there’s no benefit for them if a SOE runs very well.

As clean air and a clean environment have become new aspirations for the public, it is time for the government to rethink and reform its fundamental approach to growth.