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Education authorities must realize that they have a fundamental responsibility to provide adequate education of sufficient quality for all. While private investment can play an important supplementary role, there must be effective regulation

While Facebook and Google are denied access to the Chinese market, their Chinese counterparts perform no better, if not worse

It is no exaggeration to say that the Quanjian scandal exposes the total failure of China to regulate the food supplement industry

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To tackle the challenges China now faces, its policy focus in 2019 and onward should be on providing a fair and transparent business environment for the private sector.

China should not adopt a tit-for-tat approach in response to US unilateralism. Instead, China should focus on pushing its internal economic reform and promoting the competence and efficiency of its economy

By sowing the seeds of Sinophobia and encouraging the public to question any interaction with China, there is a risk that Washington will lose its ability to think rationally about its China policy