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China should not adopt a tit-for-tat approach in response to US unilateralism. Instead, China should focus on pushing its internal economic reform and promoting the competence and efficiency of its economy

By sowing the seeds of Sinophobia and encouraging the public to question any interaction with China, there is a risk that Washington will lose its ability to think rationally about its China policy

While the reform appears set to lower the tax burden of low-income earners and the middle class, it does little to address the problem of an overall tax mix that favors the rich over the poor

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When China Post, the State-owned official postal service, unveiled a new collection of stamps to mark the upcoming Year of the Pig, tongues started wagging.

Apparently, the Chinese government has encountered a paradox in addressing the country’s financial problems

It is expected that foreign investors in banking, securities and insurance will soon be able to own larger shares in joint ventures and expand the scope of their businesses in the Chinese market