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The key to promoting consumption and boosting demand is to improve income distribution and put more money in the hands of low- and middle-income groups, analysts said

According to a recent survey conducted by the China Consumers Association, 85.2 percent of consumers said they have experienced unauthorized use of their personal information, which involves some of China’s largest internet companies, such as Alibaba, ByteDance and Tencent. To a large extent, these violations are so common that it has become a norm for China’s internet industries

If China becomes too obsessed with becoming self-reliant, it risks isolation and lagging even further behind

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According to data released by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the eight-day National Day holiday between October 1 and October 8, the Chinese mainland saw 637 million tourist visits, generating a total revenue of 466.6 billion yuan (US$69.5b).

As the Covid-19 pandemic is a public health crisis, a Covid-19 vaccine should be considered a public good, which is nonexclusive and non-rivalrous. If the less well-off in society are cut off from access to the vaccine, it could trigger more outbreaks

Experts are divided over China’s economic strategy. While some have argued for more aggressive and expansive monetary and fiscal policies, others advocated for a more prudent and cautious approach