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To a large extent, the steady decline in GDP growth is caused more by the ongoing reform and China’s efforts to restructure its economy rather than the trade war

But as the confrontation between the US and China looks set to further escalate, the Chinese government should be cautious in choosing its retaliatory measures. What China needs least is to close its door again

China can take an incremental approach to gradually postponing the retirement age to 65 for both men and women over a 15-year period

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Millions of migrant workers, who have made enormous contribution to China’s economic development, have been denied access to basic public services, which creates social problems

Education authorities must realize that they have a fundamental responsibility to provide adequate education of sufficient quality for all. While private investment can play an important supplementary role, there must be effective regulation

While Facebook and Google are denied access to the Chinese market, their Chinese counterparts perform no better, if not worse