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Without addressing security and strategic issues, there is no way that the US-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue can be truly ‘comprehensive’

Will Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement change US and global climate governance? Will China take on a leadership role? A Chinese expert gives his view

The Asia-Pacific’s security framework is at a crossroad as concerns over the implications of the Trump Administration’s ’America First’ stance persist at one of the most influential security summits in the region

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Fu Ying, a former diplomat, offered her perspective on the thorny Korean nuclear issue Translated and edited by Xu Fangqing and Yu Xiaodong

As the world’s largest developing country, China is playing a leading role in promoting South-South collaboration. NewsChina investigates the major achievements and obstacles of its initiatives to promote South-South cooperation on climate change

As tensions keep rising on North Korea, given a hardened US position and deepening strategic distrust between Washington and Beijing, the future of the Korean Peninsula is uncertain