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China and Australia seek to stabilize bilateral relations amid growing skepticism over Canberra’s dependence on Washington for its foreign and defense policies

China seeks to stabilize relations with European countries amid rising anxiety in the EU over ‘lose-lose’ prospects as geopolitical competition leads to political fragmentation and economic uncertainties

Former world leaders called for greater inclusiveness and cooperation to cope with the challenges of an increasingly fragmented world at the 2023 Imperial Springs International Forum

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Chinese officials and scholars bid farewell to Henry Kissinger and the bygone era of stable relations between China and the US that the famous strategist helped to build and sustain

Given the military asymmetry and lack of mutual trust between China and the US, China will only engage in military exchanges with the US on its own terms

While compromises on the language regarding the Ukraine crisis allowed the G20 Summit to maintain basic unity, there is a genuine risk the mechanism could become irrelevant if strategic rivalry takes hold