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China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on July 15 that China will sanction US enterprises involved in arms sales to Taiwan, which China has always strongly opposed.  

Once more, Beijing and Washington agreed to a cease fire in their ongoing trade war and to resume talks. But reaching a deal seems a distant prospect

Negotiations on an equal footing are the only way to solve the Korean nuclear issue, says foreign affairs expert Wang Fan

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As the rivalry between the US and China intensifies, regional countries voiced their concerns during the annual Shangri-La Dialogue regional defense summit

ith the dwindling number of Chinese students heading to the US for college, many wonder whether degrees from American universities are losing their luster in China

The 2019 Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations was held between May 15 and 22 in Beijing, during which Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Asian countries to work together for a “shared future” of Asia.