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Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a video speech at the Global Trade in Services Summit of 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) on September 2, pledging that China will further increase openingup, expand international cooperation and improve the rules for the services trade.

The US withdrawal from the Afghanistan poses short- and long-term challenges for China

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoF) said it had recalled the Chinese ambassador in Lithuania and demanded the latter to do the same on August 10.

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During the recently concluded Tianjin meetings, the US and China offered diverging narratives on ‘managing competition’

Following the Biden-Putin summit when the US leader highlighted the threats posed by China to Russia, Chinese and Russian leaders extended a friendship treaty and reaffirmed their partnership. How will this affect ties with the US?

Old China hand Charles Freeman argues that China has the capacity to take the lead to rebuild trust between the US and China