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I’d signed up for a marathon, and now somehow, I was standing in a fragile crowd of human dominoes. A few dared to stretch, but it could have ended the race before the starting gun fired. So, we waited, bound on the Bund in Shanghai.

I think every foreigner, and probably a lot of Chinese people, have a great many horror stories about the state of China’s toilets.

Peer into the shadows along the streets of Chinese cities after dark and you may be surprised at what you see: loads and loads of kissing.

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My friend’s wife is no longer allowed to come to the movie theater with us, ever since she talked all the way through a movie we’d been to see. Sitting on the other side of my friend, I didn’t have the chance to tell her to pipe down, as she happily nattered her way through the entire film. I thought he would say something – but it turned out he was in fear of marital strife, so he put up with it. At the end, I said to her, quite vehemently, that this was the last time I’d see a film with her.

As someone who had previously associated ghosts with horror movies and Halloween, it was fascinating to see that in Taiwan they are, for many, a normal part of everyday life and local custom.

After more than three months of construction work on my apartment building, it was the 19th Party Congress that finally pushed me out.