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On the first day of the break, my neighborhood looked like something out of a movie, specifically the opening of a post-apocalyptic movie where the scene is set as the camera pans through empty streets of a ghost town lined with blown-out cars and discarded shopping carts

For the first two days of Spring Festival, I enjoyed watching my own home-based reality TV show, although I quickly became stressed as I realized my dog was howling constantly every night

Every single aspect of life has an extra layer of technology, from paying for a dough twist for breakfast with the WeChat app to passing through facial recognition doors to get back into a university dorm

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On my first ever Spring Festival a few years ago, we combined the baijiu and the fireworks to great effect by getting very drunk and going out into the street to blow things up

Things are going uncharacteristically well in comparison to the rest of the trip, until around twelve hundred hours, when our plan unfurls itself like a runaway toilet roll

Moderation has never been my strong suit, so to avoid the slippery slope from one to six drinks, I’ve allowed my social life to wither and when I do go out I stick to abstinence