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But in the hot months, we all sweat together. In sweltering summers – increasingly fierce everywhere, thanks to cataclysmic climate change – men north and south roll their shirts above the belly to play cards, swill baijiu (strong liquor), and feast on fiery hot crawfish

When I walked in, I was completely taken aback. A huge screen scrolled with all the destinations and times. It was so busy, and I felt completely lost and overwhelmed. Finally, I pulled out my translator app and asked for help

Today’s concept is that the writing should not draw attention to itself, creating space for the ideas you want to convey to shine through. Chinese native speakers have a hard time truly accepting this

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Having a special diet doesn’t have to mean lackluster restaurant experiences for those living in China. Developing adequate language skills, with the ability to clearly explain your diet to others seems to be crucial. Keeping an open mind and a lighthearted attitude for a people still learning to cope with being on the international stage also helps immensely

While some of these arguments are harmless, like which flavor of the American favorite treat Pop Tarts are the best and whether they should be eaten toasted, untoasted or toasted and buttered, others go a little further

This committed bachelor wears his hair shuttled forward, saloncurled and rolling in rococo swirls along fair skin slowly aging under the nicotine haze. He’s up to a pack a day, but he wants to quit in three years. He’ll be 30 then and he’s heard the body just doesn’t bounce back after that. He’s right, of course