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As someone who had previously associated ghosts with horror movies and Halloween, it was fascinating to see that in Taiwan they are, for many, a normal part of everyday life and local custom.

After more than three months of construction work on my apartment building, it was the 19th Party Congress that finally pushed me out.

Some of them are clearly vandalized. You’ll see several together looking violated with their inner tubes pulled out and trailing on the ground, but many others have simply broken with use due to their cheap components

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Out on the road I’m always curious about the other joggers that I pass. Some wear all the latest gear and lap you two, three times as you run around the park. Other runners seem to be ordinary people that are interested in getting fit but can’t afford special sports clothing so they run in whatever they have

Once, we ran out of pale ale stock of one craft beer brand. China solution? Why don’t we just re-label the bottles of another ale of the same brand that wasn’t selling so well? It seems anything goes when wanting to supply a market this unpredictable

As soon as the rain comes down, the umbrella salesmen come out, scurrying from archway to archway to offer reasonable protection at unreasonable prices