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In this particular instance, I was able to bother the staff into checking me out and letting me pay the old-fashioned way, in which only WeChat gets to collect my shopping data. But I've been told in several shops that using these data-hoovering mini programs is the only way to pay, including at milk tea joints and cosmetics shops. My concerns have left me thirsty and un-beautified

Using the WeChat social media platform, he arranged a threeway video call with his parents in the US and sister and her family in Switzerland. At exactly 9am in Michigan, 3pm on Lake Geneva and 10pm in Beijing, they started their Europe-Asia-North Chinese New Year Celebration

When it is your zodiac year, you will face some challenges. Apparently for the ox, this year will see difficulties in career and studies due to being stressed, emotional and unable to concentrate. I must admit I laughed a little because I think ox or not, this year will be challenging for everyone

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The weather app said it was -19 C, with a real feel of -37 C. Winds were gusting from 30-50 kilometers per hour. I was in genuine fear that I had inflicted frost bite on myself after having to take my gloves off for a few seconds to scoop the pooches’ poop

A Chinese company owner in a WeChat group recently contracted me to submit five recorded pieces of music a day for 20 yuan (about US$3) each, with an eye to profiting from this market. Each piece needed to be three minutes long and did not need vocal parts. I agreed. Why did I think I could do it?

My friends and I decided to take advantage of the newly opened entertainment. We gathered up and headed to the VR warehouse to take out all our pent up 2020 aggression on some pretty nasty zombie dogs. Not only was it fun, it was a little like therapy