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Groups of men, always men, and typically at lunchtime, would lean back from the table and roll up their shirts to the nipples. Sometimes there’d just be the lone belly out, but generally once one navel is gazing out across the debris of a hotpot, others tend to appear

I settled on an austere black Mao jacket. Xin wore a modest blue traditional top. She put her hair in pigtails. A friend later asked if we had gone to North Korea to get married

Of course, our close friendship did not happen overnight. It took months of politely inviting me in for me to accept. When I finally accepted her invitation and went in for tea, a new world opened up to me

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When you ask Shanghai natives and lifers who have spent years navigating the big city blues, everyone has their own way of making it through the madness

“It seems like whoever did this didn’t really have much concept of the biology behind how a tree lives,” my friend said dryly. “Look, on this segment of the tree, there’s not one leaf left.”

Slow, determined footsteps drawing near pull me back from my reveries. Are they coming for me? Oh god, I am an international crime lord, I knew it