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The first thing I saw was Cupcake in a hunch and growling. My eyes followed his gaze, and I realized both Cupcake and I were in great danger. The cows had organized. They were standing shoulder to shoulder, facing Cupcake

I was pretty attached to my barber. For one, he was the only person in that entire barbershop of more than six barbers who knew how to cut my hair. He had rescued me two years before when my first barber there “went to get married,” and I was left with another man who was ruining my hair on the day before my birthday

A cat and a dog are trying to get to a restaurant for a roast chicken dinner. The sensible dog points out they should not park on top of the storm drain. Soon the street is flooded and water flows into the restaurant

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What started out as the odd food order here and the rate at-home service there soon spooled out into a semi-regular habit, and that’s how I ended up largely housebound – except for a brief trip to the gym and back

My in-laws sent us 10,000 yuan (US$1,403) and told me to buy a nice suit with it. This seems like a kind gesture but was not really – they are just trying to ensure I don’t humiliate them. Even though I live in the countryside and work as banjo player, it is important that I look like a banker

I remember once seeing a little girl dressed like a princess kick and scream at her mother and grandmother on the sidewalk over five years ago. I don’t know what she was shrieking about, but I remember her rage