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The damage of China’s out-of-control real estate sector is already real; it is draining money from elsewhere in the economy and building up fatal risks

The yuan has joined the IMF’s basket of reserve currencies. But there are plenty of political and financial challenges ahead if China’s currency is going to take on a bigger role on the international market

The government hopes a new real estate tax can fill fiscal gaps. But for homeowners, it’s another threat to their hard-won property

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New national regulations give legitimacy and oversight to China’s nascent ride-hailing app industry and tear down long-held restrictions on the traditional taxi sector

Chinese investors are keen to seize upon the potential of massively popular online stories. But is this a golden goose, or a blind alley?

Disney’s launch of its first venture on the Chinese mainland represents a watershed for the country’s theme park and leisure industry. With capital from home and abroad now flooding into this largely unexplored market, fears of yet another bubble are beginning to grow