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Commercial applications of 5G technology are expected to arrive in 2020, but telecom operators and suppliers face the same challenge of how to cash in on the booming business

China has moved to cool the overheated property market amid speculation from developers and buyers alike, as well as rising concern over debt ratios. Big developers will likely stay the course, but the collapse of smaller players could have ramifications for the wider economy

Will tech companies or traditional automakers win the race to market China’s next generation of smart cars?

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As the world’s two largest economies battle it out over trade, there are signs that acrimony could become the new normal. For China, the question could be how to chart the future path of its reform and opening-up

Bitcoin’s potential bubbles have provoked Chinese concerns and a crackdown, but its underlying technology is considered by some to be the future of wealth and the key to national competitiveness

China’s PPP surge is expected to slow, though become more stable as crackdowns on creative accounting continue. But can the country’s infrastructure giants take the lessons they learned in the domestic market overseas in their bid to expand?