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China’s financial sector will open further with more flexibility and more cross-border use of the yuan, says China’s central bank governor. But according to experts, more reforms are needed to guarantee the sector’s continued opening up

As it becomes urgent to bolster the semiconductor industry due to the US technology blockade, the domestic market is plagued with opportunism and redundant development of low-level technology

Data from the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) showed that the US dollar dropped to 6.78 against the Chinese yuan on September 15, the lowest point since June 21, 2019.

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Tightened regulations on internet finance are driving more Chinese technology firms that expanded into finance back to where they started

China should be vigilant to the shift of manufacturing processes out of the country while it continues to upgrade its business environment to appeal to foreign investors

China’s domestic aviation market has almost recovered to pre-pandemic levels, but challenges posed by Covid-19 will persist as the international aviation market, a major revenue source, remains battered