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The risks that led to China’s first bond defaults in 2014 may build up in 2017. SOEs and local governments are particularly vulnerable. NewsChina invited a local ratings agency to explain the issues

The recurring devaluation of the yuan over the past two years, in the wake of a decade of its appreciation, may not be a big problem. But the lingering expectation of further depreciation is

NewsChina secured an exclusive interview with Liu Jianwen, director of China Association for Fiscal and Tax Law, to discuss China’s income tax reform amid heated online debates and speculations

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Jan. 2017

The damage of China’s out-of-control real estate sector is already real; it is draining money from elsewhere in the economy and building up fatal risks

The yuan has joined the IMF’s basket of reserve currencies. But there are plenty of political and financial challenges ahead if China’s currency is going to take on a bigger role on the international market