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China will not adopt a “flooding” stimulus plan to propel economic growth, said Li Pumin, secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission, at a recent news conference.

Progress on corporate deleveraging is limited, says former minister Li Yizhong. Enterprises need more self-discipline and incentives, not just administrative orders

While there is consensus to keep the real economy thriving – the part that produces actual goods as opposed to financial markets – persuading investors to be patient enough to wait for returns remains a challenging task

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Sharing a car is cool – but the sector has lots of problems to solve before it is also profitable

After China became the largest trading and mining market for bitcoin, China’s central bank is stepping up preparations for issuing its own fiat digital currency

Using borrowed money to buy listed companies, Chinese insurance companies are playing ‘barbarians at the gate,’ rather than acting as stabilizers of the market as expected. That is a risk – but also a much needed kick for the stock market