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Even before the trade friction between US and China escalated, the domestic soybean industry was seeking ways to increase yields

As the market for conventional autos is slowing, automated and connected vehicles are beginning to take off in China, with traditional carmakers and internet giants behind the wheel together – for now

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), China’s central bank, announced on October 7 that it would lower the reserve requirement ratio for commercial banks (RRR, the sum commercial banks are required to hold in reserve) by one percent as of October 15.  

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Chinese companies worry the new social insurance collection system will add to their burden. But the issue goes far deeper

As Didi Chuxing dominates China’s ride-hailing sector amid scandals, a government anti-monopoly investigation has been dragging its heels

Low-speed electric vehicles in China are mostly used by elderly people and low-income households, but safety and quality concerns mean manufacturers and users are facing tightened regulations and even outright bans