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Alibaba’s structural overhaul aims to shift attention back to e-commerce brand Taobao and reactivate business across its subsidiaries

Home economics courses are increasingly common in universities aiming to cultivate professionals to meet growing demand. But lingering social stigmas around domestic work are affecting enrollment and hindering the industry

In an unprecedented move, two companies will be cut from Shanghai’s sci-tech board for financial reporting fraud, highlighting the urgency to improve information disclosure in the country’s capital market

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China is getting tough on Big Pharma’s monopolistic practices, slapping huge fines on firms that corner the market in crucial medications. Experts question whether fines are enough to deter the shady behavior when drugs are in short supply

China’s C919 is expected not only to challenge the dominance of Boeing and Airbus with new, innovative designs, but serve as an engine to upgrade China’s high-end manufacturing, although it will face headwinds

The sudden popularity of Zibo-style barbecue ignites hope of a transformation for this fading industrial city