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Young job seekers, facing an extremely competitive job market with sectors still struggling from pandemic-related effects, are adjusting their career expectations as governments roll out policy support. It is uncertain whether the changes are temporary

An easing of strict Covid-control policies and travel restrictions has given a boost to China’s civil aviation sector, but uncertainties linger over profitability

Battery suppliers and automakers are vying to secure their own supplies of lithium as prices increase and supplies drop amid tremendous demand for electric vehicles

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China’s State Council issued a package of measures to stabilize the economy in late May, hoping to pull enterprises out of the sluggish economy largely caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting sweeping lockdowns.

After nine years, Amazon announced it is withdrawing Kindle from China in 2023. What prompted the move?

Facing constant Covid restrictions, rising costs and decreased customer spending, the struggling food and beverage industry must seek new ways to cope with these issues in the long term, experts say