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China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced on January 18 that China’s 2020 GDP has exceeded 100 trillion yuan (US$14.7t) for the first time, 2.3 percent higher than that in 2019 based on comparable prices.

With its new pricing strategy, Tesla has established a commanding position in China’s electric car market. But it is a long way from total dominance

Against rising shipping costs and an appreciating yuan, China’s textile industry is seeing profits shrink despite a rebound in overseas orders in 2020

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As a new ban on single-use plastic bags and drinking straws drives demand for degradable plastics, experts warn of excessive supply

China’s government held its annual Central Economic Work Conference between December 16 and 18, 2020, proposing eight priority tasks for the new year.

China’s recent anti-trust probes into Alibaba and other tech giants mark a major shift in its regulatory approach towards the internet sector as firms go from hero to villain