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With its free-to-enter policy, an up and coming tourist spot in Southeast China is attracting visitors seeking out local delicacies, a bit of romance and lots of entertainment

By Liu Huan Updated Apr.1

As the clock strikes 6pm on a winter evening, street lights illuminate the 3.36-square kilometer OCT Harbour PLUS, an up-and-coming tourist attraction in Shunde District, Foshan, Southeast China’s Guangdong Province.  

As music plays through the park, visitors flock to the snack stalls, bars and specialty shops that line the commercial streets. Across the river are attractions, including the Shunde Eye, a 99-meter Ferris wheel, as well as Aquaman Hill, Kaba Fusion Fortress and Playa Maya Water Park, among other attractions.  

OCT Harbour PLUS has become popular among social media influencers. Located in Shunde, a UNESCO-named “city of gastronomy” for its distinct Cantonese cuisine, OCT Harbour PLUS boasts more than 200 local specialty caterers. It also regularly hosts gourmet food events, including 2020 Shunde Gastronomy Culture Week, the 1st International Food Design Festival, and the 3rdGuangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cantonese Cuisine Cooking Contest & Cantonese Cuisine Cultural Exchange Activity.  

With the Ferris Wheel of Happiness, the Plaza of Roses, and “I love you” in 99 languages inscribed on the Wall of Love, OCT Harbour PLUS is an ideal place for romance. On January 1, 2012, the park launched Shunde District’s only marriage registration office, providing a unique venue for those seeking to tie the knot. Unlike Disneyland, which requires a ticket for entry, OCT Harbour PLUS is free, a policy that has resulted in a high degree of integration with the city. For example, residents and visitors can shop 24 hours a day. Also, during evenings and on weekends, the opengate amusement park is alive with activity. Senior citizens gather to drink tea and listen to Cantonese opera, children seek out exciting adventures and young people hang out.  

The park is an ideal place for taking in authentic local culture. OCT Harbour PLUS unfurls like a painted scroll, presenting the beauty of the river city and its thousand years of culture and history.  

Having welcomed more than 10 million visitors, OCT Harbour PLUS has become an integral part of the city, as well as a must-see site for tourists from across the country.