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Stocks, cellphones, tax breaks and funerals are all discussed.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jul.1

"Cell phone addiction isn't a fatal disease, but it can be a serious one. With a  phone, we are not afraid of delayed flights, awful dishes, boring queues or even loneliness, since we do not care about what we experience in reality when we can enter into the world of phones at any moment."
Beijing Youth Daily argues against mobile phone addiction. 

“US index provider MSCI’s decision shows international institutional investors are confident in China's economic development and financial market robustness. Such decision made by this commercial institution is largely to respond to the market demand. China's A-share market is the staring point for the internationalization of China’s capital market, and with new problems and challenges inevitable, China should cope with them in a market-based and legalized way.” 
Ge Yin, a Shanghai’s lawyer, analyzes the problems China’s capital market would face, after index giant MSCI included the Chinese mainland's stocks in its widely tracked MSCI Emerging Markets Index and All Country World Index in June 2018, reported by the news portal Caixin.com. 

“In the long term, there is no doubt that the advantages of tax breaks for micro and small e-retailers outweigh disadvantages. For some traditional businesses, the wise act is to overhaul the outdated business models.” 
Pan Helin, an applied economics post-doctoral at Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences, supports new tax policies for smaller firms, in effect from July 1. The comment was reported by the news site www.opinion.china.com.cn

“If the circular only aims to regulate civil servants or other Party officials in a bid to keep them from corruption and set an example for the public, that could make sense; but such regulations will probably offend traditional customs and trample on civic freedoms if directed more widely. The government should show respect for customs and civil rights.” 
A comment from Beijing Youth Daily, discussing a circular released by Leqing City, Zhejiang Province, on the time and expense of funeral rites.