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What They Say

Average incomes, kids' fantasy, teachers' gender, and reading habbit are discussed.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jun.7

"Whenever 'average incomes' are published, people comment sarcastically that their own salaries must be dragging the average down." Pan Helin, a commentator on the news site The Paper, arguing that better methods are needed to reduce distrust of statistics of income.

“Some of our children's literature is just a copy of Western fantasy, without Chinese culture or any reflection of current social reality.” 
Xu Yang, commenting on Wenhui Daily, argues that Chinese children's fantasy lacks local characteristics and the market particularly welcomes fantasy works in a Chinese style.

“If we put too much stress on the lack of male teachers, we miss out on the fact that talented women don't want to do the job either while the conditions remain poor. We need to make elementary and middle school teaching attractive for talented students of both genders.” 
A comment from the Shanghai-based news site The Paper. 

“There are some ridiculous claims, like that you need to read 180 books annually to really appreciate their value and if you're reading less than 100, that means reading hasn't changed you yet."
A commentator Deng Jiangbo on people reading too much but thinking too little, reported on the news site www.infzm.com.