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Robots, women, and garbage are today's topics.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jun.6

"There need to be punishments and incentives to tackle the problem of waste sorting." 
Southern Metropolis Daily citing a Beijing community as a successful example. Residents get points for sorting garbage, like 2 points for a kilogram of kitchen waste, and 10 for a kilogram of old newspaper. 200 points can get you either 15 yuan (US$2.20) or daily necessities like toilet paper.

“When people stick to conservative sexual morality, they're not keeping pace with the new era.” 
Tang Yinghong, a psychologist, criticizing attempts to impose antiquated models of 'virtuous women' on Chinese women today, reported on the news site Caixin.com. 

“Will people be willing to hand dignity and decision-making, including ethical issues, over to robots? Will they be pleased with changing an uncertain human society to one filled with objective data? This problem is hard to solve." 
Cai Kailong, a columnist on news site opinion.caixin.com, on the robot future.