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Comments on the pink dollar, the revolving door between government and business, and college Chinese classes.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jun.1

Same-sex marriage is legal in the US, but there's a long way to go to make it legal on the Chinese mainland. And potential businesses targeting LGBT groups are finding it hard to grow.” A comment at opinion site www.baijia.baidu.com, arguing that the 'pink dollar' hasn't yet developed in China.

“It's common for officials to leave office and find jobs in the industry; for example, Zhang Bei, former deputy director of department of taxi management at Ministry of Transport, quit his job and found a position in on-demand mobility giant Didi Chuxing. It's controversial only if their period in office as a regulator overlaps with their company business."
A comment from Southern Metropolis Daily. 

“We can't give an exact answer on what college classes in Chinese should be like. But students generally hold the view that it shouldn't be the same as in school. Many students like literature, but not Chinese classes. College Chinese classes shouldn't be a way to teach writing, but a general education in the humanities to promote a literary sensibility in students. So making it a non-core class may actually provide teachers with more freedom and draw students back in." 
Huang Chunyan, a teacher at the School of Humanities at Tongji University on making Chinese class more vivid, reported by the news portal The Paper.