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Commentators write on cultural maintenance, helping the really poor, and human resources in Japan.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated May.29

The reason why 'maintaining' cultural sites ends up destroying them instead is because we have high-sounding ideas about maintenance in theory but poor construction in practice." 
A comment selected by Shanghai-based news site The Paper on the failures of cultural institutions. 

“The people you help are not the people who really need your help, because talkative people aren't the poorest anywhere. Those who are really the poorest are always taciturn, and they do not know how to tell a story you want to listen to.”
Rong Xiaoqing, a columnist, writes on how poverty alleviation can be self-serving on the opinion-based site www.dajia.qq.com

“In the past, Japanese focused on natural resources and did not see people as a kind of resource. Education was a core factor in turning people from a burden to a resource.” 
Liu Xinyu, commenting on the opinion-based site www.dajia.qq.com, argues that Japan doesn't have left-behind children because it sees people as a potential resource for the country.