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Commentators on education rankings, AI teaching, and US beef.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated May.26

Given powerful data processing and storage capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI) can surpass humanity in teaching knowledge and skills.”
A comment from the Xinhua news site www.sike.news.cn, stating that AI could make schools history.

“Each ranking system has its own criteria, so the university should not always look only at ranks.” 
Xu Zhihong, former president of Peking University, noted that universities should pay more attention to their own advantages than artificial rankings, reported on the Xinhua news site www.sike.news.cn

“Many people misunderstand trade globalization: they always think one side is a loser and another one is a winner. But if both parties stand on the same platform, they must learn to compromise and then get mutual benefits.” 
Zhang Debi, commenting on the news site www.view.news.qq.com, argues that the return of US beef to China after 14 years is a good thing.