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What They Say

Commentators opine on urban planning, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the importance of personal development.

By Zhang Qingchen Updated May.18

Children spend a lifetime striving for beauty, and that is not a temporary project.”  
Wei Xiaoning, commenting on the Hunan-based news site www.rednet.cn, noting that kids should aspire to lifetime goals rather than just to burnish their university applications.

“The plan made by China is different from the Marshall Plan, because China is just an adocate rather than a rule-maker, and won’t press its own will on other countries.” 
Shou Huisheng, a researcher of National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, praises the Belt and Road Initiative, posted on the Think-Tank platform Pangoal Institute.  

“When you govern a city, you need to focus on a large number of details, and use craftsmanship to precisely polish each segment. But of course this needs training.” 
Yu Ping, commenting on news portal www.ifeng.com, argues that craftsmanship is essential to urban governance