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Comments from key figures that have made the news on the topics of live-streaming hunting, the concerns of the middle class and TCM naming conventions

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Mar.16

Live streaming is a way of abetting and it teaches others how to hunt, and if these hunters indeed take banned tools and violate the laws, that is illegal.” 
Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy at the Development Research Center of the State Council, criticized a live-streaming program on hunting bamboo rats, calling it extremely cruel whether the animals are protected species or not, as reported by The Beijing News. 

“Considering that China has an aging population and the consumption power of the middle class is declining, it is hardly possible to develop the economy based on domestic demand and it is also hard to find a way to escape the “middle-income trap,” causing the wealth gap to grow ever wider. These reasons are why the middle class has no sense of security.” 
Zhang Liwei, a commentator for the news portal www.ifeng.com, on why China’s middle class feels insecure.  

“We cannot manage traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) according to the Western thinking, particularly in naming TCM.” 
Chen Qiguang, director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Group at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, on how TCM should be named in accordance with its inventors, places of production or other factors to show respect to the inventors of the medicines, as reported by Qianjiang Evening Post.