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Comments by key figures that have made the news on the topics of tourism law, child trafficking and RMB devaluation

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Mar.15

In the past, when sightseeing was about seeing the sites, doing up these sites was enough. These days it's no longer enough and other facilities besides just the sites have to be well-managed, becoming a structure with legal governance and legal travel.” 
Li Jinzao, Director of China National Tourism Administration, said Chinese 13 Provinces have set up tourism police and circuit courts in order to mediate travel disputes, reported by China News. 

“Child trafficking is a problem that has existed for a long time in China. According to the statistics, every year around 200,000 children are abducted, but only 0.1 percent of them return home.” 
Zhu Jun, the famous China Central Television (CCTV) host, told the news portal www.youth.cn, suggesting more DNA data be added to the current database on child trafficking, including newborn babies and children, and the network should operate nationwide. 

“The RMB devaluation is related to the fast movement of money... potential level of economic growth cannot absorb excess money.” 
Yu Xuejun, director of the board of supervisors of state-owned financial institutions under the China Banking Regulatory Commission, anticipating that RMB exchange rates will still face pressure in future.