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Insights beyond the headlines: experts' comments on sex education, the basketball market, medical accident insurance and the banking system

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Mar.11

The key sign as to whether or not sex education is effective is whether or not it prevents pre-marital pregnancies. The current impediments, such as the lack of classes devoted to sex education and the lack of qualified teachers and teaching materials, all hinder the development of sex education in China.”  
Li Yinhe, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and sociologist, commenting on the current status of sex education, on news portal www.infzm.com.  

“If China’s General Administration of Sport and the Chinese Basketball Association [CBA] could allow its president Yao Ming more rights to speak his opinions the way he should be able to and take the lead on developing China’s basketball market, couldn't he bring his NBA experience to China as well? Now that would be a very pleasant situation.” 
Li Xiaopeng, a commentator for Zhejiang’s Qianjiang Evening News, on Yao Ming's selection as the new President of the CBA.  

“In terms of accidents during medical treatment, if the government took the lead on establishing a no-fault insurance compensation scheme funded by hospitals, patients and the government, if an accident were to happen during treatment, patients would receive compensation, there would be no need to make the medical system a scapegoat and both hospitals and patients would be satisfied.” 
Gao Chunfang, director of the China Health Law Society, told a reporter for Caixin that medical malpractice accounts for 50 percent of all medical accidents. 

“There is no real legal support for the People's Bank of China to deal with systemic risks in the banking system.” 
Yang Xiaoping, president of the Kunming Branch of the People's Bank of China, criticizing the fact China’s financial supervision mechanism for enforcement does not work in practice, as reported by Caixin.