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Opinions making the news on the trouble with banning free plastic bags, the difference between 'fragmented' and 'systematic' learning and the contractual obligations of craftsmen

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jun.15

The ban on free plastic bags in China requires a broader remit. Apart from the limitation on the usage of plastic bags, the selling and production of plastic bags should also be restricted.” 
People’s Daily on why the ban on free plastics bags is hard to implement and why there should be further limitations. 

“The knowledge we get seems fragmented, but only when we set a systematic knowledge base can we acquire a comprehensive knowledge. If we don’t have a framework for what we study, such studies should be counted as 'fragmented learning'.” 
Li Yan, vice president of Shandong Youth Magazine, commenting on how the “fragment” is a form but “systematical learning” is a notion, reported by Southern Metropolis Daily

“No matter how marvelous or fantastic craftsmen or artists are, they are still just the committed party [when it comes to contracts] and must deal with different relationships or accept undesirable requirements in the market.” 
From the opinions site Dajia.qq.com.