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January 2022

Shenzhen’s government has conducted a series of innovations over the past year which are now spreading to other cities, encouraged by the central government

Extreme floods have exposed a lack of historic preservation in Shanxi Province, home to hundreds of thousands of ancient sites and relics, many of which are abandoned and unprotected

Shanxi displays the earliest and most complex layers of China’s history. For thousands of years, it set the stage where different cultures met and mixed, which helped make the “diversity in unity” of Chinese culture

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Although most of the world’s e-bikes are made in China, a lack of compulsory standards for batteries and chargers can result in tragedy

High on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Chinese scientists have found one of the best sites on Earth for the world’s next generation of large astronomical telescopes

Will the metaverse revolutionize the internet, or is it a concept fraught with too many problems to overcome?