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October 2016

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced recently that a study on human resources management is underway to cut officially funded posts at China’s vast number of public institutions, including universities and hospitals.

Chinese judges are normally on their own career track, but an increasing number of lawyers are donning judges’ uniforms in an attempt to bring fresh blood into the system

Beijing Times columnist Chen Fang on a Shanghai children’s writing contest for which a large portion of the “My Family Heirloom” essay submissions were about the same thing – “my maternal grandmother’s patched shirt.”

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Mao Jianguo, a writer for Guangzhou-based paper Information Times, on the change in Chinese attitudes toward the Olympic Games.

Li Hanbing, director of a State-owned research institute, warning against the lack of creativity and independence in Chinese scientific fields.

Ren Dagang, a blogger who goes by the social media handle bingchuansxk, believing that higher education institutions should not raise tuition fees without complete financial transparency.