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Pop Idol Worship Evolves with Savvy Fans

South Reviews February 12, 2024

By NewsChina Updated May.1

The landscape of pop idol worship in China has evolved with the rise of interactive entertainment programs and social media. Contrary to the 1990s when Hong Kong stars captivated young audiences seeking emotional liberation, Chinese fans today are more assertive and critical. They can either splurge on supporting their idols online or bluntly rebuke them and their agents. Meanwhile, spreading rumors about screen couples is one of their favorite pastimes. Their influence, too powerful to neglect, is used by celebrities like Taylor Swift to publicly expose the sleazy business aiming to exploit behind the scenes. While integrity is critical to idols’ popularity, scandals become the most searched for topics online. Experts point out that like religious beliefs, idol worship is a social phenomenon which cannot be simply taken as fetishism.