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Zero-tolerance for Child Abusers

Fangyuan Magazine March 5, 2023

By NewsChina Updated Jun.1

Child abusers will be banned forever from all educational posts, China’s top judicial and education authorities announced in a circular released on November 15, 2022. The circular underlines zero-tolerance toward child abusers, who previously were only banned from the education sector for three to five years, according to an amendment to the Criminal Law in 2015. Even after an update in 2020, different legal provisions caused confusion. The new circular cements the ban. The same day it was released, a tutor surnamed Wang at a training company in Beijing was the first to receive a national lifetime ban. Then 17 other provinces and regions found cases and followed Beijing’s lead in banning offenders. Experts warned that abusers are prone to re-offending, so a lifetime ban is necessary. They also advised parents to console the young victims rather than exacerbate their trauma by blaming them.