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New Business Opportunities from Common Prosperity

Caijing Magazine January 10, 2022

By NewsChina Updated Apr.1

Chinese analysts and investors have observed business opportunities to make and distribute a bigger pie to achieve China’s goal of common prosperity by 2050. Venture capital companies are eyeing hi-tech projects which can improve productivity. Property developers can join government-sponsored welfare housing projects in megacities. As the central and western part of the country receives more support from the central government for education, companies that can provide teaching equipment can benefit. Vocational education for migrant workers is likely to become a very big market. There are a lot of investment opportunities in rural areas, including technology and services for modern agriculture and infrastructure. In East China’s Zhejiang Province, China’s first demonstration zone for achieving common prosperity, many towns and villages specialize in a particular product. Less developed regions can learn from this zone to catch up.