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“If we try our best, then I think women will be able to achieve equal representation or better.”

By NewsChina Updated Jan.1

If we try our best, then I think women will be able to achieve equal representation or better.” 

Ye Shuhua, a 95-year-old academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at the scientific conference WLA (World Laureates Association) She Forum held in Beijing on November 2 

“Long-term lockdown has stilted [Ruili’s] development... I think the local government should sum up its experience and roll out a comprehensive [pandemic control] program that considers both the general situation and the interests of residents.”  

Dai Rongli, former deputy mayor of Ruili, a town in southwestern Yunnan Province on the Myanmar border, posting the controversial online article “Ruili Needs the Motherland’s Care,” in which he appeals for more central government support for the border town 

“To some extent, global supply chain entanglements are reaching China... China’s isolation from them is only a dream. Instead, for many reasons, some weaknesses in China’s domestic supply chains are being exposed and mismatches in pricing and domestic supply and demand relationships are emerging.”  

Chinese economist Song Hongbing posting on Sina Weibo on October 26 

“Not one of the current plans for peaking carbon dioxide emissions, whether designed by an enterprise or a government department, provide a clear and specific roadmap for implementation, so we are suffering from one-size-fits-all controls that allow for no flexibility.” 

Fu Chengyu, former president of Chinese oil giant Sinopec, on China’s recent power shortages at the 2021 Annual Conference of Financial Street Forum held in Beijing from October 20-22 

“If a person’s every move is traced digitally, it becomes very important to protect individual privacy.”  

Yi Gang, president of the People’s Bank of China, in a virtual speech during Hong Kong Fintech Week held in early November, commenting that as big tech companies gain an increasing advantage in gathering, using and storing data, the central bank must tighten protection of personal information 

“Slogans cannot take the place of action. We hope the US will release a detailed program and roadmap to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030 and ensure the US will not go back on its emission cuts.”  

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at a regular press conference held on November 3 after US President Joe Biden apologized for the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement during the Trump administration  

“It’s unlikely that China will see inflation at a consumer level. Even from a global perspective, inflation is structural by nature and difficult to sustain over a long period. One important reason is that there has not yet been any effective drive to increase global demand.”  

Liu Yuanchun, vice-president of the Renmin University of China, suggesting that China keep working to expand domestic demand while continuing to support small- and medium-sized enterprises and stabilize incomes, on the official website of think tank China Finance 40 Forum 

“Since its entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, China has fulfilled its promises to link up with and abide by WTO rules and open its markets, which has been acknowledged by the director-general of the WTO and the vast majority of WTO members.”  

Wang Shouwen, deputy minister of China’s Ministry of Commerce and China’s deputy representative for international trade negotiations, during a recent ministerial-level meeting via videolink conducted by the WTO  

“Once a report involves China, it seems like it has to be negative, and only negative.” 
Zheng Ruolin, a researcher at the China Institute, Fudan University, in a recent interview with Chinese news portal guancha.cn after US-based petition website Change.org deleted a petition from French writer Maxime Vivas that appealed for fair and balanced media reports on China in French media.