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A Joyful Reunion, Anticipated from Afar

Pan Yue: Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China

By NewsChina Updated Feb.4

Dear overseas Chinese friends,
Today is the Beginning of Spring. On behalf of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, I would like to extend my sincere regards and best wishes to overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese, as well as their families.
  We will remember yourselfless support and generous assistance at the beginning of the epidemic in China.Nor shall we forget how overseas Chinese have helped their motherland to overcome the difficulties after the spread of the epidemic.We are grateful for your efforts. We honor your strength. Although we are thousands of miles away, we will always miss you.
  History has repeatedly proved that at every critical moment, overseas Chinese have made a unique,indelible contribution to their motherlandand played an irreplaceable role in exchanges between China and other foreign countries.
  Winter shall pass, and spring shall come. We send a message of peace and care to the 60 million overseas compatriots.Though thousands of miles apart, we anticipate a joyful reunion. I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year in advance.