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'Music Is About Seeing Every Pocket of Society': Natti Vogel (part 2)

Musician Natti Vogel on how China's ever-changing and multi-layered society inspires his work

By Xie Yi Updated Aug.5

Massachusetts-born singer-songwriter Natti Vogel’s adventures in China have enriched his musical experience and inspired his songs, which reflect the social changes in modern China.

Vogel spent the summer of 2003 in Xi'an with his grandfather Ezra F. Vogel, the noted East Asian studies scholar, beginning his musical journey in China. He later returned to the country on tour in 2010 and 2013.

Now living in Brooklyn, New York, Vogel often recalls his life and friends in China and, pandemic permitting, hopes to tour the country again soon.

Vogel sat down with NewsChina to share his personal stories and musical journey in China, and how his trips to the country have inspired his work.