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Be Cautious About Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery for Future Opportunities

Many young people are latching onto the idea that being more beautiful will give them an easier ride through life

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jul.11

After the national college entrance examinations or university graduation, many young students are eager to undergo plastic surgery, because they think a good appearance is a crucial stepping stone for job-seeking and dating. But, it also has certain risks, considering there are many cases of botched cosmetic surgery.   

Recently, a poll jointly conducted by The Beijing News and the Beijing-based think tank TsingYan Research showed that around 71.8 percent of participants agreed that good looks could bring more working opportunities and therefore people would earn more money.  

Now, in China, there is a popular idea that the beautiful will be easily forgiven by society for any misdeeds. Many young people believe this, wrote commentator Bo Yang in The Beijing News.  

However, this is not a wise idea. Although being good looking can leave a deeper first impression, personal ability is still more important than appearance in the workplace. People need to be cautious about undergoing surgery, as there is always a risk that the procedure will go wrong.