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Childcare Sector is Failing Parents and Children

More than one-third of families struggled to find good quality childcare, finds report

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Oct.12

The childcare sector in China is not only failing to meet the demand for its services, it is also often not up to standard, said Yang Juhua, a professor of the School of Sociology and Population Studies at the Renmin University of China, writing for news site The Paper. 

Yang's research on childcare services in four provinces found that more than one-third of families are failing to acccess the childcare services they need. There is an overall lack of service providers, and often childcare services cannot balance all the needs of the children in their care. This means children may lack basic education. 

Parents are also concerned about safety, especially as many private childcare providers are springing up across the country. But many of them are unlicensed and employ unqualified teachers.