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Short Videos Will Become Main Way People Access News

If content can be improved, the short video format will be used for more than entertainment, predicts journalism expert

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Oct.12

The future of news lies in short videos, Li Liangrong, professor of journalism at Shanghai's Fudan University, told the Guangming Daily.  

Now short videos in China are mainly used to spread entertainment information, so useful information is overlooked. However, since 2016, the Chinese business community has realized the importance of producing high-quality content in short video form, and Li noted with superior content, this will be key to winning the short video market.   

According to Li, the internet pushes the development of short videos and also develops the habits of mobile phone users to access more information. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that at the end of August this year, the number of phone users has reached 1.25 billion.

Short videos can help the public make the most of their valuable time to acquire information efficiently. Also, short videos suit the taste of new generation. People born after the 1990s have the habit of using the internet to understand what they want to know.