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Still Space for US-China Cooperation: Diplomat

China and the US still have a great space to engage in the cooperation

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Aug.9

Though current trade friction is fierce, China and the US still have space to engage in cooperation, a former vice-minister of foreign affairs has written in a commentary for China-US Focus, an opinion website.  

He Yafei said the two nations would continue security cooperation, including in their capacity as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, both with nuclear weapons, which gives them a great responsibility under the UN Charter and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.   

There is also a need for cooperation when it comes to high-end and sophisticated technology, tackling climate change, energy security and infectious diseases. These challenges require a global approach that includes cooperation between the great powers. 

However, ideological hurdles will make it tough to push forward Sino-US cooperation, He adds.