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US, UK Need Each Other Amid Political Crisis

The US and UK may need each other more as both are alienating traditional allies

By Han Bingbin Updated Jul.12

Both mired in political dilemmas, the US and UK are going to borrow strength from each other, said Tian Dewen, deputy director of the Bureau of International Cooperation at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, cited by news portal Haiwainet.cn.  

As US-Europe relations have hit a rough patch, US President Donald Trump is going to be particularly deliberate while dealing with the UK, said Tian. After its trade pressures have irritated many allies, the US is inviting even more hostility as Trump continues to scold NATO members for spending inadequately on defense.   

The UK, on the other hand, is equally anxious as Brexit talks make tardy progress, said Tian. With the US being its largest investor in addition to the European Union, the UK is going to push for significant progress in the talks for a free trade pact with the US. Stable trade ties with the US would add to the UK’s chances of negotiating more favorable Brexit terms.    

Although Trump is not popular in the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May is going to give the president a warm welcome in return for closer ties with the country, said Tian.