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China-Europe Relations Stable Amid Global Uncertainties

China's expanding market is important for Europe as international cooperation is reinforced amid uncertain times

By Han Bingbin Updated Jul.11

Despite the many uncertainties in international relations, China’s ties with Germany and Europe as a whole appear to be stable, said Mei Zhaorong, former Chinese ambassador to Germany, cited by news portal The Paper.  

Disagreements still loom large among EU members over issues like immigration, eurozone reform and regional integration, according to Mao. Their attitudes toward China also vary, especially over the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries.   

But in general, China-Europe relations are stable. There are no direct geopolitical conflicts between China and Europe, and neither are there historical disputes. China’s expanding market is of growing importance to European companies. In particular, Europe lacks the ability to seek global hegemony, even if they have the ambition to do so, the scholar believes.  

While problems continuing to emerge globally, their solution is beyond the capacity of any single country. It is now a time in which international cooperation has become particularly important, Mao said.