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Why Are Graduates Reluctant to Start Work?

Commentary argues that graduates putting off their job search may reflect selfish needs, not pragmatic reasons

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jul.11

Today's crop of university graduates are apparently not so worried about finding a job right after graduation,  unlike previous generations, a phenomenon referred to as "delayed employment." A commentary in the Economic Daily looked at the issue from both sides.

There are two reasons why graduates put off finding a job - one is related to choosing a career they really want to pursue, a positive choice, but the other is because they wish to delay starting work in favor of having some time for themselves. This may show a negative attitude toward work, the Economic Daily insisted.

Online recruitment site Zhaopin said that increasingly, young people want jobs that reflect their personal interests, and some opt to delay their job search to avoid the fierce level of competition right around graduation time.

If graduates delay finding a job to spend more time understanding the social environment and planning their career, that is a positive move, the commentary said. However, if graduates just refuse to work, instead enjoying life and sponging off their parents, this is irresponsible behavior which should be absolutely opposed and avoided.