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Expand Internet Court System to Suit New Economy

Increasing number of lawsuits involving the Internet needs expanded court system

By Tan Yuzhi Updated Mar.21

With the development of e-commerce, the sharing economy, and other new formats of the Internet industry, more lawsuits involving the Internet are being filed. This means China's system of Internet courts should be expanded, said Fu Biao, a commentator writing for SouthCN.com.
Internet courts, which specialize in Internet-related cases, hear cases in online hearings with standardized procedures.
There are many reasons why the Internet court system requires expansion, Fu said. The fast development of the Internet has resulted in a surge of cases in many fields, such as online fraud and leaking and selling of personal information. Trying these cases in traditional courts costs a lot. Internet-related cases pose a great challenge to judicial adjudication because often large numbers of victims are involved, they are complicated in nature, are connected to new kinds of business and involve a high level of technical knowledge.
Exploring suitable litigation rules and trial models along with expanding the Internet court system undoubtedly embodies judicial justice and impartiality, and it will equally promote healthy development of the Internet economy, Fu said.