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Macron's China Visit Will Boost His Domestic Standing: Expert

Deeper cooperation with China is expected to help France rejuvenate its economy

By Han Bingbin Updated Jan.12

Foreign relations success will bolster French President Emmanuel Macron’s push for domestic reform, says Fan Zhengjie, a research assistant at China Institute of International Studies, writing for The Paper. Deeper cooperation with China will help France rejuvenate its economy and reduce unemployment which will legitimize Macron’s domestic reform moves, Fan says. 

After reaching a consensus with China on climate change and the Paris Agreement, France will be able to sustain its influence in that area, Fan says. The French government particularly values its leadership role on climate change, and French companies see the fight against global warming as an opportunity to grow, Fan says. There’s believed to be ample space for the two nations to collaborate on green energy, environmental protection and emissions reduction technologies.

With German Chancellor Angela Merkel experiencing a tricky time politically, the scholar says Macron’s visit to China will give France a stronger say within the European Union – especially on China-related affairs.